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Alexa’s Success Story After 4 Weeks On FloraSpring

By Alexa Sooter

June 25, 2020

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Read Alexa’s 4-Week Review of FloraSpring…

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Four weeks ago, I started taking FloraSpring probiotics twice a day. I take my first supplement right after I wake up and take my second right before I go to bed.

This schedule means that probiotics are the first thing to hit my stomach in the morning… and the last thing I take before my body has all night to process what I’ve eaten that day.

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It’s a schedule that worked well for me for the first two weeks on FloraSpring… and it got me some mild though interesting results. My hope was that I would continue to see those results—and maybe improve on them—after a month using this supplement.

And I have to say that after four weeks, I am pleased with the results!

Alexa’s Success Story After 4 Weeks On FloraSpring

Continued Decrease In Sugar Cravings

One of the biggest changes I noticed after two weeks was that I craved sugar less than I normally do. I’ve never been the type to eat a consistent flow of sweets.

But when I do eat them, I will eat a ton at a time. And that’s really bad for someone who has PCOS like me.

My sugar cravings dropped off, however… after I started taking FloraSpring. I still wanted sugar, so it wasn’t as if the supplement kept me from craving sweet stuff completely.

But instead of feeling like I needed sugar… I just had a passing interest in eating something sweet. And when that happened, I could usually take care of it with strawberries or bananas covered in dark chocolate.

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Now, after a month on the supplements, I can say that I crave sweets less often than I used to… but the intensity is the same as it was after two weeks on FloraSpring. This is an overall improvement.

Craving less sugar means I aggravate my PCOS less, and that’s always a good thing!

Alexa’s Success Story After 4 Weeks On FloraSpring

Less Gas & Cramping

In my two-week review, I mentioned that I have food sensitivities. Those are never going to go away.

But since starting FloraSpring, I’ve seen my reaction become less severe. They’re not full allergies, of course. But there are certain foods that cause cramps and a severely upset stomach if I am exposed to them.

That’s what I expected to happen when I ate a food that had a gluten-based sauce. I didn’t know it contained gluten until after the fact… which meant my only option was to ride out the symptoms. Usually this means a day or two of extreme discomfort and a few other embarrassing side effects.

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This time, though, things weren’t so bad. I was still uncomfortable and suffered the usual migraine… but my stomach wasn’t nearly as upset. And the symptoms passed a little bit faster.

Probiotics can’t cure food sensitivities… but in my case, I think it helped me ride out a reaction a little bit better than I normally would have.

Alexa’s Success Story After 4 Weeks On FloraSpring

I Feel Less Bloated

Like everyone else, I’m staying safe inside right now. And that means I can’t go for my usual runs or swims.

That, coupled with a less than stellar diet with way too much comfort food… should mean that I’m bloating. But I’m not. At least not nearly as much as the other people in my house… and not as much as I usually do when I don’t exercise.

The only difference is my supplements. We eat the same food, sleep the same amount, and generally get the same amount of exercise.

The only thing I can figure is that the probiotic strains in this supplement are helping my gut better use the fluid I drink.

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I’ve got another week of probiotics left and I definitely plan on buying more. They aren’t changing my life—probiotics aren’t magic—but they are making some things much easier.

It’s a good reason to keep taking them… which I fully intend to do!

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