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How Washington “Fat Cats” Are About to Make You a LOT Thinner (Plus Lower Your Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease)

By Henry Giardina

April 27, 2021

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A New FDA Mandate Could Actually Help You Lose Weight…

How Washington “Fat Cats” Are About to Make You a LOT Thinner (Plus Lower Your Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease)

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If you’ve spent any time in a supermarket lately, you’ll have noticed the handy “no sugar added” labels that have been popping up for the last decade or so.

These labels… which appear on everything from cereals to soup cans… are a helpful reminder for health-conscious shoppers to steer clear of foods with a lot of additives and processed sugars.

While these reminders are helpful, a new study shows that “sugar added” labels could be even more beneficial for Americans. For consumers who aren’t aware of the high sugar content of certain popular processed foods and pantry staples, the labels could help promote more health-conscious choices while shopping.

That’s not the only benefit to these labels. Here are just a few of the positive changes we could start seeing when “sugar added” warnings become the new norm.

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And yes, I said WHEN these labels become the norm, not IF. That’s because the FDA has mandated that sugar added labels must be present by 2021 for small manufacturers, and by 2022 for large manufacturers.

How Washington “Fat Cats” Are About to Make You a LOT Thinner (Plus Lower Your Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease)

Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes and prediabetes affect over 100 million Americans yearly.

The move toward sugar added labels… along with a proposed initiative to tax sugar-filled drinks… is part of a nation-wide effort to curb this trend, especially as it pertains to children.

With so many breakfast cereals, sodas, and even harmless-seeming juice boxes being marketed to kids and parents, the simple addition of a sugar added label could help household providers be more choosy when it comes to shopping for the family.

The new research shows that when implemented, the new labels could help prevent over 600,000 cases of type 2 diabetes nationwide.

The new labels won’t just inform consumers of added sugars, either. They’ll break down the daily value of added sugars as part of the information on the nutrition label.

This could help patients who have prediabetes or are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes steer clear of foods and drinks with added sugar… which often make up for more than 15 percent of the average American’s daily caloric intake, according to the same study.

Less Cardiovascular Disease

Added sugar content doesn’t just increase the risk of diabetes. It can also wreak havoc on heart health.

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The study also links the mainstreaming of sugar added labels to a potential dip in heart-related malfunction and disease. When implemented, the labels could prevent over 354,000 cases of cardiovascular disease over the course of only 10 years.

For folks with high cholesterol and poor heart health, the label could end up being life-changing. This is especially true… considering that 90 percent of Americans with prediabetes are totally unaware of the fact.

In the case of these new labels, knowledge isn’t just power: it’s potentially life-saving.

How Washington “Fat Cats” Are About to Make You a LOT Thinner (Plus Lower Your Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease)

Lower Healthcare Bills

It’s not just consumers who stand to gain something from the new labels. According to the study, the healthcare industry could save $31 billion by the year 2037.

That doesn’t just mean savings for hospitals and healthcare providers. It also means saving thousands of in-debt Americans from racking up hospital bills they can’t afford.

According to the study, the new sugar added labels could act as a preventative measure for at-risk consumers, curbing the problem before it turns into a full-on diagnosis.

Healthier Households

For years, the aggressive marketing of sugary sodas, fruit juices, and sports drinks to kids has created a near-epidemic.

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Not only do most American kids get at least 17 percent of their daily caloric intake from processed sugar… but they also tend to carry the same behaviors into adulthood, creating a toxic cycle that could continue on for generations.

By keeping consumers better informed about just how much sugar they’re eating and drinking daily, the new labels won’t just help adults make better choices for their kids. They could also help kids start making smarter choices at a young age, especially if they’re already on the path to prediabetes.

Even though companies are still likely to aggressively market sugary products to kids and teens, the new labels will put the power directly in the consumer’s hands.

How Washington “Fat Cats” Are About to Make You a LOT Thinner (Plus Lower Your Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease)

Other Ways to Stay Sugar-Conscious

The new labels won’t be implemented until at least 2021, but in the meantime, there are plenty of ways to stay on top of your sugar intake.

In addition to sticking to whole grains, lean proteins, and a healthy balance of leafy greens and supplements… high-risk consumers can make sure they’re choosing natural sugars over processed foods with tons of added glucose or corn syrup.

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Folks who are at high risk of contracting type 2 diabetes should also make an effort to exercise, preferably with the help of a trainer or coach who can provide personalized workouts.

Another great way to prevent a diabetes diagnosis is to stay regular with doctor’s visits.

According to a 2017 CDC report, a stunning one-quarter of all diabetic Americans are totally unaware that they have the disease. Keeping up with doctor’s visits is a great way to keep track of overall health and make sure a serious condition like diabetes or prediabetes gets treated in the right way.


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The Best Sugar Substitutes to Help You Give Up Added Sugars

Personally, I think this additional labeling is great!

It helps you make more informed decisions about your health and nutrition… and will save a lot of people A LOT of pain and suffering.

However… I admit that I also like sweets just as much as you do! (Or maybe even more…)

And when I see one of these sugar added labels on a package of pretty much anything (from granola to ketchup)…

I know I’m going to avoid it like the plague… or at least feel super guilty about eating it.

So instead of swearing off all sweets… or feeling bad whenever you indulge… look for these 3 “healthier” sugar substitutes in the foods you eat… or use them yourself when making meals.

With these sugar substitutes, you can know that you’re eating something that tastes GREAT… but without all of the added sugar and guilt.

PLUS, I’ll show you 2 sugar substitutes that you should avoid AT ALL COSTS:

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