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[Recipe] Delicious Apple “Fries” With Creamy Dip (Truly “Fast Food”… But Healthy!)

By Shelby Talcott

September 16, 2020

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Make Tasty & Fast Apple Fries With Creamy Peanut Butter Dip

[Recipe] Delicious Apple “Fries” With Creamy Dip (Truly “Fast Food”... But Healthy!)

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Let’s talk about something you and I have both eaten from time to time before…

Fast food.

When you’re in a rush for time… and you get hungry… fast food can seem so convenient. In fact, in some circumstances… fast food might seem like your only option!

But let’s be frank… most fast food ISN’T healthy. Many fast food menu items are fried… ultra processed… and just downright not good for you (or your waistline).

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So, what if I told you that I have a “fast food” recipe for that’s actually very good for you…

And you can make it yourself in less time than it would take to drive to the nearest fast food joint?

Well, that’s exactly what I have for you today!

These apple “fries” are WAY healthier than french fries… they come together in a matter of minutes… and they are paired with a perfect, creamy dip that you’re going to love.

So, if you’re ready for some truly “fast food” that’s healthy… and won’t make you feel heavy or greasy afterwards…

Here’s how to make delicious apple “fries” with creamy dip:

[Recipe] Delicious Apple “Fries” With Creamy Dip (Truly “Fast Food”... But Healthy!)

FTH’s Apple Fries With Peanut Butter


  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 apple (any kind)

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1) Slice the apple into fry-like shapes.

2) Put the cup of peanut butter in a small bowl and the sliced-up apple in a cup or bowl.

3) Dip the apple fries into the peanut butter, and enjoy!

[Recipe] Delicious Apple “Fries” With Creamy Dip (Truly “Fast Food”... But Healthy!)

The Numerous Health Benefits Of Apples

Be honest: when was the last time you thought about how good apples are for you?

I mean, we’ve all heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”… but do you ever actually think about what that apple is doing to help you be healthy?

Apples are pretty common, so you might overlook their benefits… but they’re actually REALLY good for you!

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Here are just a few of the health benefits of apples:

  • Apples are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals… including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, copper, fiber, manganese, and potassium.
  • Apples are high in fiber and water, so they help you feel full. Studies have also shown that eating apples can help you lose weight.
  • Apples contain a type of fiber called pectin. Pectin acts as a prebiotic and encourages the growth of good bacteria in your gut.
  • Eating apples may help lower your risk of diabetes.
  • Consuming apples may also help improve your heart health by lowering blood pressure, reducing LDL levels, and providing antioxidants.
  • Studies have shown that eating apples might help lower your risk for cancer.
  • Apples are rich in antioxidants that can help protect your lung health. They may also lower your risk for asthma.
  • Eating apples can help you maintain higher bone density… which is linked to bone health.
  • Apples may help minimize cognitive decline and protect your brain health.

So the next time you’re enjoying apple fries… or any other apple recipe… you can feel confident that you’re doing your body a lot of good!

Why This Is A GREAT Weight Loss Recipe For Carb-Lovers…

Sure these apples are sweet… and if you have a sweet tooth like I do… they can definitely satisfy that…

But there’s something else about this recipe that can really make weight loss a cinch for you…

Especially if you like to eat carbs (also like I do!).

Can you guess what it is yet?

Here’s a hint:

It has to do with a particular food group that Ivy League doctors recently discovered can turn carbs into fat-burning foods…

If you eat enough of this kind of sweet, delicious, yet “good for you” food before carbs… you can eat your favorite pizzas… pastas… breads… and pastries… without any guilt!

And you’ll know that you’re actually slimming down your waistline while you do so!

(I know… sounds too good to be true… but the science is all here too in case you wanna check out the sources).

To see what kinds of foods to eat before carbs for MAXIMUM fat loss… and how much of each to eat… watch this short, free video right now:

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