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You’ve Heard About “Omega-3s” But Can They REALLY Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Science Has To Say…

By Alexa Sooter

October 8, 2021

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Learn The Real Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids…

You’ve Heard About “Omega-3s" But Can They REALLY Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Science Has To Say…

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Certain terms and trends seem to pop up everywhere when you’re researching nutrition. These terms show up in nearly every article and list.

But as often as they show up, they’re rarely explained. “Omega-3s” is certainly on that list of terms.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of fat. And while they’re not the miracle nutrient that they’ve often been marketed as, they do have an important impact on your body.

They can affect everything from arthritis to diabetes. And, if you’re trying to lose weight, they just might be one of your best friends.

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But what makes omega-3s so special? How do they improve conditions as wildly different as depression and arthritis?

These questions are rarely answered when you’re told to increase your intake of omega-3s. This article will answer those questions… in addition to offering several tasty recipes you can add to your weekly meal plans.

You’ve Heard About “Omega-3s" But Can They REALLY Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Science Has To Say…

What Do Omega-3s Do?

The short answer is that omega-3s reduce inflammation. They do this when your body converts them to something called resolvins. Once they’re in this state, they naturally block cytokines.

At the proper level, cytokines are important chemicals that help your cells communicate. But when your cytokine levels get too high, you’ll develop some form of inflammation. This is where omega-3s shine.

The Effects Of Inflammation

Inflammation is connected to several common ailments. Inflammatory arthritis is, of course, the most well known of these. When you’re afflicted with this variety of arthritis, your joints become inflamed, leaving them stiff and painful.

But arthritis is not the only condition that inflammation has an effect on. Several studies have linked high cytokine levels and inflammation to depression.

And, of course, inflammation has long been linked to heart disease. The connection is so prevalent that inflammation reduction is one of the first suggestions heart disease patients receive.

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Omega-3s are often part of a heart disease patient’s primary care plan. They do more for heart disease than reduce inflammation, however.

You’ve Heard About “Omega-3s" But Can They REALLY Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Science Has To Say…

Omega-3s & Heart Disease

You already know that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the inflammation caused by heart disease. But they have a second benefit that is just as important…

Omega-3s also lower your triglyceride levels.

Triglycerides are the main form of fat in your body. And while fat can be useful, high levels in your bloodstream indicate a high risk of stroke and heart disease.

The fact that omega-3s reduce triglyceride levels, despite being a form of fat themselves, are why these nutrients are referred to as “healthy fats.”

How Much Omega-3 Is Enough?

As of right now, there is no official daily limit for omega-3 intake.

If you’re getting your omega-3 fatty acids from your food, you’re generally safe to eat as much as your other dietary restrictions allow. If you’re getting your omega-3 through a fish oil supplement, however, you’ll want to ask your doctor.

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While fish oil  supplements – a fantastic way to get your omega-3s – are generally safe, there are a few drugs they may interact with. If you’re already taking blood thinners, whether pharmaceutical or herbal, high doses of omega-3s may thin your blood too much. 

In some cases, the drugs you may be taking can reduce the effectiveness of fish oil supplements. Certain forms of birth control may reduce the impact fish oil has on triglyceride reduction, for example.

And certain weight loss drugs can limit your body’s ability to process fish oil into resolvin, which is its most effective inflammation-fighting form.

None of this means you should avoid fish oil supplements, of course. With some input from your doctor and consideration for other medications you’re taking, they’re a fantastic way to get omega-3s.

You can also get omega-3 fatty acids through the food you eat. With a little creativity, you can easily work these amazing foods into your weekly menu.

You’ve Heard About “Omega-3s" But Can They REALLY Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Science Has To Say…

Foods High In Healthy Fats

The most common sources for omega-3s are fatty fish. These include salmon, anchovies, and canned tuna.

If you want to add more fish to your diet, be sure you eat it either baked or broiled. Fried fish will not have the same benefits, as it is soaked in unhealthy fats.

Baked salmon is both easy and versatile. You can prepare it with some lemon, like this recipe. Or you could try this version that pairs well with rice and steamed vegetables.

Once you get the hang of baking salmon, you can put your own spin on it using all sorts of flavors. From berries to spices to vegetables, salmon is a versatile fish that pairs well with a whole host of ingredients.

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If fish isn’t to your taste, you can reach for a variety of plant-based foods.

Avocados are all the rage right now, which means plenty of people are getting a solid dose of omega-3s. These delicious superfoods are also great with eggs… And if you want to double down on your omega-3 intake, they are delicious with salmon.

Other great vegetarian sources for omega-3s include flax seeds, which are great in smoothies, and walnuts, which you can easily throw into a salad. Tofu also contains a healthy dose of omega-3s, as do a variety of fortified products available in most grocery stores.

You’ve Heard About “Omega-3s" But Can They REALLY Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Science Has To Say…

The Takeaway

Omega-3s aren’t the miracle fat they’ve been marketed as… but they are wildly helpful. And, if inflammation is an issue for you, they can offer a delicious method of relief.

As with all supplements, check with your doctor before you add fish oil to your diet. But whether you’re getting them from food or supplements, omega-3s are something you need in your diet.

benefits of omega 3 fatty acids

You Don’t Need To Eat Stinky Fish & Avocado Toast To Get The Weight Loss Benefits Of Omega-3s…

Chuck Benbrook, research professor at Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, has found one more food that’s chock-full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids… 

And it’s surprisingly indulgent: Cheese!

Benbrook is the author of several studies about dairy, including one from 2013 that found organic dairy has 62% MORE healthy omega-3s than conventional milk.

So if you add more full-fat, grass-fed cheese to your diet, like these 3 “cheat day” cheeses for example, then you can easily get enough omega-3s to feel the benefits…

Without stinking up your fridge with a bunch of salmon and anchovies (or taking a fish oil supplement that smells like dirty socks).

Here’s a list of 3 easy-to-find cheeses that are delicious and chock-full of omega-3s…

Including one popular pasta topping you might already have in your fridge:

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