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Low In Carbs & High In Vitamins – THIS Nut Is Perfect for Keto Dieters

By Henry Giardina

May 13, 2021

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Pili Nuts Are Rich in Vitamins & Heart-Healthy Fats… But Low In Carbs

Low In Carbs & High In Vitamins – THIS Nut Is Perfect for Keto Dieters

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When it comes to protein-packed, energy-boosting snacks with a host of health benefits, nuts truly take the cake, especially when eaten raw.

A handful of raw cashews, almonds, or brazil nuts can help stave off hunger between meals… and their high “good fat” content means you can grab a handful without feeling guilty or bogged down by the extra sugars and fats of a less healthy snack.

Still, not all nuts are created equal. Some, such as walnuts and almonds, are terrific for heart health and stamina, while others, such as peanuts, have less to offer. And then, there’s the humble pili nut.

Haven’t heard of it? You’re not alone.

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These keto-friendly nuts are making a serious comeback in the U.S. thanks to changing diet trends, so don’t be surprised when you start seeing them pop up in the bulk aisle next to your old favorites.

Before you buy, however, you’ll probably want to know what makes pili nuts so great in the first place. Here are just a few reasons to take a chance on these low-carb treats.

Low In Carbs & High In Vitamins – THIS Nut Is Perfect for Keto Dieters

Pili Nuts Are Perfect for Keto Dieters

In recent years, the keto diet has become one of the most popular dieting trends to emerge, even with stiff competition from paleo and Whole30. This doesn’t just have to do with the diet’s Kardashian sponsorship (though it definitely helped).

With millions of social media success stories to speak for the diet’s efficacy, it wasn’t long before the keto trend took off, with huge grocery chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joes happily jumping on the bandwagon to offer keto-friendly treats and snacks.

Because the diet requires lots of “good” fats and not a lot of carbs, nuts often play a big role in ketogenic meals and snack offerings. No nut, however, offers the low-carb, high-fat profile of the pili nut.

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While macadamia nuts are rich in good fat, at 4 grams of carbs per ounce, they can’t exactly be called a low-carb food. Other healthy nuts like almonds and cashews have a similar profile.

The pili nut, by comparison, has a quarter of the carb content of these offerings. While a handful of almonds comes with 6 grams of carbs and a serving of cashews will net you a whopping 9 grams… the same serving size of pili nuts will keep you fueled through the day without accounting for too much of your daily carb intake.

Low In Carbs & High In Vitamins – THIS Nut Is Perfect for Keto Dieters

Pili Nuts Are High In Magnesium

Not everyone realizes it, but magnesium is a key factor in the way you create energy, balance your moods, and even protect your bones. It’s a crucial supplement, and yet anywhere between 50 to 90 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium.

Thankfully, pili nuts are packed with the stuff. A single serving (one ounce) contains 86 milligrams of magnesium, which accounts for 20 percent of our recommended daily intake. 

Incorporating pili nuts into your diet could lead to a better, more balanced mood, more energy, and less brain fog through the day due to better memory function and sharper brain receptors.

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Since magnesium helps strengthen the part of our brain that makes and preserves memories, you could find yourself functioning with a clearer head and greater focus by adding more magnesium to your diet.

And while supplements do the job just fine, you shouldn’t underestimate the other vitamins and antioxidants that come with each ounce of pili nuts. In addition to magnesium, there’s also a hefty amount of vitamin B1 and zinc in each bite. That’s quite a powerful snack.

Low In Carbs & High In Vitamins – THIS Nut Is Perfect for Keto Dieters

Pili Nuts Could Help Boost Your Metabolism

Keto dieters count on their low-carb meals to help them shed extra weight. In addition to staying away from carb-heavy foods like bread and pasta, cycling in some good fats like avocado, salmon, and pili nuts could help speed up the process.

If weight loss is what you’re after, a handful of pili nuts could help fuel your workout while boosting your metabolism.

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These antioxidant-rich treats are full of the same kind of metabolism-fueling “good” fat that almonds and cashews are, but with a much lower carb profile. That means that pilis could help you metabolize faster without getting weighed down by carbs.

Since keto relies on periods of intermittent fasting to help the body metabolize and shed fat, simple, easy snacks like pili nuts are great to have in your arsenal, especially as a pre- or post-fast snack.

Pili Nuts Are Versatile & Tasty

There’s a reason this South Asian treat has been enjoyed by Pacific Islanders for generations. The distinct, nutty taste of the pili has been compared to that of sunflower seeds with just a kick of vegan pate.

If that’s not enough to pique your curiosity, consider the fact that they’re extremely versatile. Pili nuts can be roasted, baked, sugared, fried, or added on yogurts and salads for an extra bit of protein.

If you want to get really creative, try your hand at making a pili nut cheese or a pili butter to swap out for your morning almond butter toast.


benefits of pili nuts

How Keto REALLY Helps You Lose Weight

Keto (and pili nuts) are great for keto because they help your body’s natural fat-burning processes thrive.

For example… the keto diet is GREAT for your gut.

That’s because the “bad” bacteria in your gut (the ones that help turn food into slabs of fat on your body) typically thrive on carbs and sugar.

So when you go keto… and eliminate their favorite food source… this literally starves these bad bacteria to death!

That allows the “good” gut bacteria to eventually come back in over time… and can solve a lot of problems associated with poor gut health: bloating… IBS… and yes, unexplained weight gain.

Notice how I said “eventually” and “over time”…

There’s a really easy way to speed up this process… recolonize your gut with “good” bacteria… and turn your body into the natural fat-burning machine it’s supposed to be…

Here’s how to do it within days instead of months:

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