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Are You “Hard-Wired” For a Certain Diet? New Genetics Research Reveals Surprising Results…

By Elise Phillips Margulis

July 6, 2021

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New DNA Tests Promise To Show You The Best Diet For Your Genetics…

Are You “Hard-Wired” For a Certain Diet? New Genetics Research Reveals Surprising Results...

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Using DNA analysis to create a personalized diet is very trendy now. Companies promising to help you shed pounds by creating the diet most compatible with your chromosomes are springing up faster than you can eat a handful of potato chips.

But can you really identify the diet perfect for your body by having your DNA tested?

The fact that some people are more successful on low-carb diets while others lose weight with low-fat plans leads scientists to believe that our genes contain information as to which eating plan is best for each of us.

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It would be fantastic to tailor your diet to your DNA for GUARANTEED weight loss! Imagine melting away fat automatically with a little help from science!

Are You “Hard-Wired” For a Certain Diet? New Genetics Research Reveals Surprising Results...

Can A DNA Test Tell You The Best Diet For Your Body?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how genes and nutrients interact. DNA tests are only a saliva sample and a keyboard click away… and are very popular.

DNA-based diet companies promise they can use genetic tests to assess which diet will work for you. Are their claims true?

A small study conducted in 2007 found that those in their study lost a significant amount of weight by eating compatibly with their DNA profiles.

That study led to the birth of dozens of companies offering to tell you what you need to consume to work with your genes on weight loss. Each one uses slightly different technology to test DNA. 

All swear they can provide the perfect personal path to weight loss. Dieting nirvana!

I hope you’re sitting down though… because I have bad news. A study carried out recently determined that we don’t have the technology to create authentic DNA-based diets quite yet… because there are thousands of genes involved in losing weight.

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Scientists need to be able to isolate the genes that will unlock the secret to losing weight. The good news is that in the future, we may be able to more accurately use DNA for weight loss purposes. 

The 8 million-dollar study followed approximately 600 overweight people and examined three genes that are linked with metabolism. 

PPARG is involved with metabolizing fat. ADRB2 is thought to help burn fat. FABP2 helps the body use cholesterol and triglycerides. Sounds promising, right?!

The researchers also tested the study subjects’ response to a large serving of sugar. They hypothesized that people whose blood sugar soared after ingesting sweets might be more successful on a low-carb diet. In the end, the sugar sensitivity didn’t correlate with weight loss on a low-carb diet.

Some of the participants were randomly assigned low-fat diets, while others were told to eat low-processed carbs. All of the subjects were instructed to increase their intake of vegetables and whole grains… and to decrease consumption of fatty and sugary junk food. That’s always the excruciatingly hard part. 

The dieters were also encouraged to exercise. After a while, they were allowed to reintroduce carbs or fats to their diets (whichever one they had to limit initially). 

Researchers wanted to verify that the subjects would be able to maintain their weight loss, since that is quite challenging. One study concluded that only one out of six people who lose weight keep it off after a year.

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Unfortunately, after a year, there was no significant correlation between the DNA and the type of eating plan. Approximately half of the low-fat dieters had genomes that indicated a sensitivity to fat, but they didn’t lose more weight on a low-fat diet than people whose bodies burnt off fat more easily.

About half of the low-carb dieters’ genomes showed they had trouble metabolizing sugar, but they weren’t more successful in losing weight on a low-carb eating plan.

Are You “Hard-Wired” For a Certain Diet? New Genetics Research Reveals Surprising Results...

How To Lose Weight & Improve Your Health Without DNA Tests

DNA-based diets aren’t feasible yet, but there is a way that you might lose weight by having your blood analyzed. This is a bona fide way that science can help us decide what to eat and what not to eat. 

Rather than a fancy DNA test by mail, you might want to visit a nutritionist or dietitian in person. They offer more personal guidance and will give you a customized eating plan.

This could be especially helpful if you have one or more food intolerances. A nutritionist or dietitian can administer a blood test that will reveal intolerances to certain foods. Those foods might make you bloated or inflamed, so the dietitian or nutritionist can help you to eat more healthfully. 

The most common food intolerances are gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, soy, nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, and eggplant), citrus, and yeast. 

A simple blood test for IgG food allergens will determine if your diet is making you feel sick. Ingesting foods that you have trouble digesting will leave you bloated and feeling uncomfortable.

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Some people have reported losing weight and feeling better after identifying food issues and addressing them. It’s certainly worth a try if you feel your body is reacting badly to certain foods after meals or snacks.

Someday, DNA tests may be more precise and able to isolate the exact genes to tell you which diet to follow and what to avoid. Every decade brings many new discoveries about DNA. 

Until we have a magical DNA diet, you can still check whether you have any food intolerances… eat fruit, veggies and grains… stay active… and make healthiness your goal.

Also, try to limit the sugar and bad fats. You can have a little, but not too much.

Hint: My experience is that you’ll know you’re having too much of a treat if you anticipate feeling regret, remorse, and shame immediately afterward and for weeks to come.

Eating well and exercising for 20 minutes a day (even just walking) is the best plan to reach and maintain a healthy weight. You can’t go wrong by following a recipe of nutrition and fitness!


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