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With Food Or Without? At Morning Or At Night? When To Take Your Probiotics for MAX Weight Loss…

By Caroline Alcantar

May 6, 2021

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New Research Reveals the Best Time to Take Your Probiotics to Get the Most Benefits

With Food Or Without? At Morning Or At Night? When To Take Your Probiotics for MAX Weight Loss…

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already aware of the power of probiotics and just how beneficial they can be for your overall health.

These belly-good microorganisms can bring an upset gut back into balance and have continued to get well-deserved attention from both the science and wellness world. 

There are plenty of reasons to increase your probiotics intake then. But before you start, it’s best to do so in a way that optimizes benefits. 

After all, these healthy bacteria are powerful. When ingested correctly, they have the potential to improve metabolism, support digestive regularity, and improve overall gut functioning – all of which help maintain a trim waistline. 

On top of all that belly love, there’s evidence suggesting probiotics help to clear up problematic skin.

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What’s more, other recent and ongoing studies are exploring just how a balanced gut – with the help of probiotics – can improve overall mental health by boosting feel-good hormone levels in the body such as serotonin.

But perhaps that’s all old news to you. You’re here because you have already decided to introduce probiotics supplements into your lifestyle. Maybe you’re already taking them… but just don’t know if you’re doing it right

Much like other supplements, you find yourself wondering whether or not there’s an ideal time to take these bacteria powerhouses. Surely everything has its optimal moment – but when is it?

With Food Or Without? At Morning Or At Night? When To Take Your Probiotics for MAX Weight Loss…

When Is the Best Time to Take Your Probiotics?

Should you take your probiotics supplement with a meal, or on an empty stomach? Before bed, or right after waking up? 

Since it’s different with each supplement, the confusion can add up quickly. But fear not – as with many questions, your gut holds the answer.

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It’s there, in the depths of your belly, where both good and bad bacteria have the chance to thrive or parish. And since that’s the case, you need to take a probiotic supplement at a time when those fighting the good fight have the highest potential to survive.

According to experts on the matter, that magic window is when your stomach acid levels are lower than usual. 

When exactly is that? Apparently right before you eat.

Your stomach produces acid during digestion to help break down food, after all. As you nosh on that protein bar (or salad, or whatever you eat), your stomach’s acid levels likely go up with every bite. Which means you’ll want to take your probiotics supplement on an empty stomach – that is, before you chow down. 

This way, beneficial bacteria have a higher chance of surviving the arduous journey to your gut. Once they arrive, they can settle in and do their wonderful thing – renovate. 

Other studies support this idea, too, and demonstrate how probiotics taken 30 minutes prior to or at the very beginning of a meal fare better than those taken at the end. 

Night or day or hour doesn’t really matter then, so long as you stay consistent.

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Since most probiotic supplements are taken daily, consider choosing a convenient time you won’t forget. If you have one meal a day that’s most consistent, make that your probiotic alarm. That way you can keep things regular. 

Timing isn’t everything, though. There are other points to consider if you want to maximize your probiotics benefits. 

After all, even when taken before food, a low quality or weak supplement won’t necessarily survive the arduous journey to your lower intestine. These bacteria are living, after all, and it’s important to remember their survival is paramount.

With Food Or Without? At Morning Or At Night? When To Take Your Probiotics for MAX Weight Loss…

Tips for Getting Max Benefits from Your Probiotics

Consider these tips when shopping around for a probiotics supplement:

Check the expiration date – Make sure the bottle is well within the limit, as probiotics don’t have a lengthy shelf life

Shoot for the stars and aim beyond the millions – Go for a supplement that contains billions of organisms. One to ten billion is a good range to explore. Also consider strain and species diversity, and choose something that boasts more than one type of bacteria. The more the merrier when it comes to healthy microorganisms, after all.

And don’t forget the vehicle your bacteria will ride in as they make their merry way from your mouth to your belly. Go for bioshield capsules to best guarantee a safe and successful journey. They’re fitter for travel through stomach acid, which means they’re less likely to dissolve before getting to their final destination. 

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If you find the endless options overwhelming and you aren’t sure which brand or dose to start with, talk to the person who knows your body second best – your doctor.

These easy steps will help you get the most out of your probiotic supplements. That way you can start enjoying all the amazing benefits of your supplements now and know you’re taking the proper approach to a healthier you.


best time to take probiotics

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