Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?

Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?

How Eating More of THIS Key Fatty Acid Can Signal Your Body to Burn More Fat & Have More Energy Naturally, Like It’s Supposed To..

When it comes to losing weight, you’ll hear a lot of people obsess over things like calories, macros, and exercise…
But what most people don’t realize is that they’re neglecting one of the most important organs when it comes to weight loss:
Your brain.
Your brain is the “control center” of your entire body.
It’s what tells your body that you need more food for energy (so you get hungry)…
…or to burn stored fat as fuel.
All of your hunger pangs, cravings, and yes, even your willpower come directly from your brain.
But until recently, doctors and scientists really had little idea how your brain ACTUALLY influences your food choices… or how your body processes food into fuel.
I mean, they knew that there was some connection there. And that you get hungry when your body thinks it needs more food to burn into energy…
But doctors couldn’t explain something really simple:
Why folks who have excess fat on their bodies sometimes have stronger cravings for food than skinny people.
After all, folks with some extra fat have pounds and pounds of energy stored on their bodies already, right?
So why were their brains constantly telling them that they “Need more food?”
Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?

One of the Greatest Mysteries in Weight Loss Science… Solved?

The answer was discovered by a team of Harvard researchers about 5 years ago… and wasn’t made public until very recently.
It involves a special kind of molecule in the human body called “lipokenes”… and a specific fatty acid that most of us don’t get nearly enough of in a standard Western diet.
Before I show you this surprising breakthrough… and its far-reaching consequences that can help you lose weight faster… it’s important to understand the process at work here.
“Lipokenes” are a type of molecule that influence a variety of metabolic functions.
Studies have shown that one lipokene in particular can do a lot of good for your body.
This little-known fatty acid can lower your insulin levels… reduce nonalcoholic fatty liver disease… and even help prevent heart disease.
And the mechanism it does this by is pretty shocking… but once you know it, it’ll make a whole lot more sense.
Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?Why Heavy People Are Constantly Hungry… And Skinny Folks Almost NEVER Seem To Struggle With Hunger…
According to researchers, the answer has to do with one particular lipokene… in this case, a little-known fatty acid… and how it helps transmit signals from the brain to fat cells.
In a typical person of average weight, the brain realizes that the body needs more energy.
So the brain releases a signal for the body to either eat an appropriate amount of food… OR burn existing fat stores for the energy it needs.
And when your brain sends out a signal to burn fat, it gets passed along from fat cell to fat cell… telling each one along the way to burn some stored fat for energy.
Either way, your body ends up getting the energy it needs… and once it has that energy, the signal stops.
According to this researcher, though, when folks pack on fat around their midsection, thighs, and arms… it means that this one particular fatty acid is out of balance.
When your body lacks enough of this important lipokene… this little-known fatty acid… the signals that your brain send get stopped at the very first fat cell.
That means that your fat cells never get the message to burn more fat for energy!
And because your fat cells don’t burn fat for energy… your brain sees this… and its only response is to send hunger signals to your body so you take in more food.
Since your fat-burning machine is broken, your brain keeps telling your body you need more food… and need more food…
And you keep eating and eating… and storing what you eat as fat.
It’s a vicious cycle… and one that’s incredibly tough to break.
Under this theory, even things like crash diets don’t matter since your fat cells don’t get the signal to burn more fat…
So instead your energy levels just get really low… you feel sluggish… and the food cravings get out of control.
Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?How to Break the Cycle Just By Eating More of THIS Fatty Acid…
However, there have been several recent studies that show promise that a particular lipokene… a little-known fatty acid… can break this vicious cycle.
A groundbreaking study at Harvard in 2014 showed many of the “miracle” effects of this fatty acid in humans… including lower insulin levels, lower blood pressure, and an up to 48% less risk of diabetes.
Not only that, but other researchers theorized that this lipokene fatty acid could help transmit these “burn fat signals” from brain to fat cells… and from fat cell to fat cell more efficiently.
That means that when your brain tells your fat cells to burn more fat… your fat cells actually get the message… and start burning their stored fat as fuel.
The result is that you burn more fat… have more energy… and feel a whole lot better as a result.
Unfortunately, the big food companies and drug companies have tried to bury this discovery for years.
After all, if you could just eat more of one particular fatty acid… that studies have shown reduces blood pressure, insulin levels, and heart disease in humans…
And burns lots of fat in mice…
You’ll likely lose weight faster… be healthier… and feel a whole lot better.
So when you watch this short, free video made with a very famous TV doctor…
(Legally we can’t tell you who it is… but trust me, you know him!)
You’ll find out exactly what this key fatty acid is… what foods have enough of it… and how much you have to get to lose more weight, have more energy, and feel better.
Just click the link below to watch the short, free video now:
Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?
And believe me, it’s not your fault that you didn’t know about this sooner.
It may not be brain surgery…but it’s definitely cutting edge brain science.
There were few clues that this fatty acid was so important to weight loss and a host of other health solutions.
The biggest clue (that stumped researchers for ages) was that people from the islands of Okinawa in Japan, and Sardinia in Italy tended to be thinner (and live longer) than folks in the rest of the world.
So scientists speculated that it had something to do with what these people were eating…
But researchers couldn’t make a connection until now…
And in fact, on both islands, people eat a diet that’s absolutely packed with this key fatty acid.
To find out what it is, and which foods have the most of it, watch the short, free video below now:
Your Brain is SCREAMING “Burn More Fat”… So Why Can’t Your Body Hear It?
P.S. – I had no idea that this particular kind of fish was so good for you… did you?

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