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Want To Burn More Fat? Drink Your Coffee Like THIS, Says Surprising New Study…

By Henry Giardina

July 27, 2021

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Drinking Coffee Can Help You Burn More Fat… Here’s How It Works

Want To Burn More Fat? Drink Your Coffee Like THIS, Says Surprising New Study…

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Coffee has fallen out of favor lately, causing health-conscious consumers everywhere to ditch their morning brew for a smoothie or green juice.

A new study, however, shows that when it comes to coffee, we just might be underestimating the powerful drink’s health benefits. While too much caffeine can quickly lead to health issues, keeping your coffee count to under three cups a day, according to experts, might just help you lose weight.

Though coffee has always been embraced as a low-calorie food at around 2 calories per cup, the drink’s high caffeine content… along with the fact that it’s commonly loaded with cream and sugar… has been enough to give it a bad reputation amongst health-minded individuals.

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A number of recent studies show that we’ve been seriously underestimating the many positive benefits to drinking at least a cup or two a day. Before you cut out coffee for good, here are a few things to be aware of.

Want To Burn More Fat? Drink Your Coffee Like THIS, Says Surprising New Study…

What Is Brown Fat?

So how exactly is coffee potentially good for us?

Professor Michael Symonds, who did a breakthrough study at the University of Nottingham, says that the drink is helpful for burning through “brown fat,” a type of fat that burns fat and sugar as a way to keep the body warm.

During the study, Symonds was able to scan the brown fat-heavy regions of coffee drinkers, like the neck and chin region, to see if coffee consumption was making the brown fat “hotter” and thus more conducive to burning away. The study proved that the fat indeed got hotter after coffee consumption.

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That’s not all: according to Symonds, brown fat could be the key to beating the diabetes epidemic both here in the U.S. and overseas.  

How Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

So now you know a bit about brown fat and how it works. But how does it relate to overall weight loss?

While the Nottingham studies didn’t take into account weight loss over time, they did conclusively show that coffee can help stimulate the brown fat-burning process. That means that sticking to a cup or two a day of black coffee could help your body metabolize fat more quickly throughout the day.

Want To Burn More Fat? Drink Your Coffee Like THIS, Says Surprising New Study…

What Else Can Coffee Do For Your Health?

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term, coffee won’t just help by boosting your metabolism. Once thought to be an “empty calorie” food, coffee is now known to be full of organic compounds that can be linked to a longer lifespan.

Like wine and dark chocolate, coffee, if taken in small doses, could actually prevent coronary heart disease and reduce the risk for Type 2 diabetes. It’s also helpful for liver health, inflammation issues, and circulatory function.

Those are just a few more reasons to start cycling coffee back into your morning routine.

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As for those pesky rumors about coffee consumption and its link to cancer, experts now agree that rather than causing health issues… coffee has actually been proven to boost the lifespan of drinkers who consume under three cups a day. 

What Should You Be Aware Of When Drinking Coffee For Weight Loss?

Before you use all of this new research as an excuse to double down on your twice-a-day Frappuccino habit, let’s talk about moderation.

First of all, keeping coffee consumption to three cups (or less) a day will help protect you from getting the caffeine jitters. It will also help you get enough sleep at night.

We all know how important it is to get enough rest during the weight loss process. When you’re guzzling coffee all day, it’s important to remember that the “buzzed” feeling might lead to restless nights.

It’s also important to note that a cup of coffee isn’t what many people think it is. A cup is eight ounces of coffee, compared to the 12 ounces of your average small-sized beverage at Starbucks or any other coffee chain. That means that three 12-ounce coffees add up to a whopping four and a half cups of coffee.

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Add in some cream and sugar, and suddenly your healthy coffee habit is going to start looking more like a fattening snack. While you’ll get the same fat-burning benefits, you might cancel out your progress by loading up your morning coffee with extra calories. 

For best results, try limiting your coffee consumption to two eight-ounce cups per day, and always stop drinking caffeinated beverages before 1 pm.

Want To Burn More Fat? Drink Your Coffee Like THIS, Says Surprising New Study…

What Else Helps Burn Brown Fat?

Thanks to the new study, we’re about to know a lot more about brown fat and its overarching function in long-term weight loss. What we do know is that coffee isn’t the only thing that stimulates the burning of brown fat.

Since this type of fat often burns itself in response to cold, keeping your home at a lower temperature can play a role in boosting metabolism. That means that turning the AC up might actually be good for stimulating weight loss over time, even if it’s not the greatest for your summertime electricity bill.


coffee to burn fat

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