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Can You Pass This “Smell Test” To Beat Unhealthy Food Cravings? (Takes 2 Minutes)

By Caroline Alcantar

April 5, 2019

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Can You Pass This “Smell Test” To Beat Unhealthy Food Cravings? (Takes 2 Minutes)

Use This Easy, Scientifically Proven 2-Minute Trick to Beat Your Food Cravings and Stick to a Healthy Diet

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Have you ever walked by a fast food restaurant and, BAM, gone weak at the knees because of the smells wafting out of it?

Well, you’re definitely not alone in cursing your neighborhood McDonald’s, which seems bent on ruining everyone’s diet in a ten-mile radius.

Maybe you’ve even caved in to the delicious smells, walked in, and ordered a mound of fries.

What about at the grocery store? It might be nearly impossible to walk down the produce aisle—reaching for only a bag of spinach—without accidentally veering into the danger zone of the bakery section.

Especially if they’ve just put out a fresh tray of donuts. (Curse you, strawberry filling, sprinkles, and glaze.)

No matter how diligently you usually stick to healthy eating, those food cravings might be waiting around every corner to ambush you and send you into a binge.

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If this all sounds a little too familiar, don’t beat yourself up about it. With this simple trick, you can help ensure it never happens again.

You’d be amazed to learn how closely the brain and stomach are linked. Luckily, your brain can help you keep your stomach’s cravings in check!

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How Can You Resist Delicious Smells & Stick to a Healthy Diet?

How? Simply by smelling whatever food you’re craving—for longer.

Don’t believe me? Science backs this up.

Researchers in this study gave participants a choice between a healthy food and a less-healthy, deliciously fragrant option. (Think pizza vs. apple, or cookie vs. strawberries.)

The people who got a quick sniff of the cookie and pizza were more likely to choose it.

Not surprising, right? But here’s where the study gets really interesting.

The people who smelled the unhealthy choices for two minutes or longer were more likely to choose the healthy fruit instead of the diet-destroying snacks.

It’s almost as if the brain got its fill of the unhealthy options through the nose—thanks, nose!

Then the cravings disappeared.

The people in the study were able to override their cravings and make the healthier choice.

For those of us who have to walk past a bakery on our way to work every morning with a bag of carrots and broccoli in our purse for lunch…this is great news!

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Instead of rushing past, go ahead and slow down.

Take your time and smell the croissants rising.

At first, you may be overwhelmed with the desire to dump your healthy lunch in the nearest trashcan and load up on muffins.

But after two minutes of enjoying the bakery’s smells, you’ll be satisfied—and you can carry on happily—without muffins or cravings!

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It Doesn’t End There…

Still don’t believe me? This study was repeated in a school cafeteria.

First, the air was filled with the smell of pizza. Then, it was filled with the smell of apples. (Um, don’t ask me how you get the smell out of an apple).

Anyway, when the kids smelled pizza, they were almost half as likely to make unhealthy choices. It’s as if they got full just from sniffing!

The same thing happened in a grocery store. When the air smelled like strawberries, 45 percent of shoppers bought unhealthy foods. When the air smelled like cookies, only about 30 percent made unhealthy choices.

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This is great news for anyone who struggles at the holiday table or at a friend’s house when a pie, a cake, or a tray of cookies comes out of the oven.

Just remind yourself: If you can hold off for two minutes, you can probably hold off all night!

Getting your dessert through the nose might seem a little weird and might take some getting used to, but science confirms that it works.

This trick can help you stick to your healthy eating plan and stay happier while doing so. After all, it’s a drag to walk around with cravings all the time. After a while, your willpower just wears down.

But now it doesn’t have to. The next time you think your diet might be derailed, just remember: breathe deeply and let your nose do its job.

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When A Smell Just Isn’t Enough…Indulge the Healthy Way

While this simple two-minute trick can help you beat unhealthy food cravings…

I get it. Sometimes smelling a decadent dessert just isn’t enough.

For those times when your willpower starts to fade, you need a way to indulge that won’t ruin your diet.

Here’s a pro tip: Try out this 2-minute smell test with one of these 7 desserts.

Even if you give in and have to eat one…you can feel at ease, knowing these delicious desserts are lower calorie and are specially designed by a doctor to help your body burn fat.

That’s right–a dessert that helps you burn fat!

You can get the recipes for these 7 delicious, fat-burning desserts right here:

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