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Truth Bomb: Dating Apps Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (Here’s Why & How to Break The Cycle)

By Shelby Talcott

July 2, 2021

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A New Study Reveals How Dating Apps Are Connected To Unhealthy Weight Loss

Truth Bomb: Dating Apps Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (Here’s Why & How to Break The Cycle)

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Dating apps? Is this a thing?

Let me tell you, it definitely is! Dating apps are basically the 2019 version of speed-dating. You use that handy cell phone and get quick glimpses of who people are, and then you decide if you’d like to meet up in person or not.

Seems easy enough, right? 

However, there is a danger behind these dating apps. 

A new study came out recently that looked at the connection between dating apps and unhealthy weight loss.

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Now, even if you are trying to lose weight, the most important thing is to do it through living a healthy lifestyle. Of course, there are “quick fix” weight loss strategies, but these are super unhealthy and won’t last. 

So, let’s take a look at this kind of strange new study!

Truth Bomb: Dating Apps Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (Here’s Why & How to Break The Cycle)

How Are Dating Apps Connected To Weight Loss?

In a nutshell, this study found that people who use dating apps are more likely to use unhealthy methods to lose weight than those who don’t.

Unhealthy weight loss behaviors include using laxatives, diet pills, and more! Yikes. 

Why do we think this is a trend?

Well, according to the study, it could be because dating apps are so focused on physical appearance. 

Let’s think about this. What is the first thing that attracts (or attracted) you to someone (your spouse, for example)? It probably had something to do with the way they looked. 

The problem with dating apps is that this is pretty much the only thing you can see! You can’t get a true feel of their attitudes or personalities, so a lot of the picking and choosing is really only based on what a person looks like. 

Is this relatable? It’s relatable to me, that’s for sure! Even though I don’t really use dating apps, I do always feel like people are judging me right away based on what I look like when I first meet someone.

And I often get sucked into thinking things like, “Wow, does this dress make me look fat,” or “Ugh, I really wish I hadn’t eaten those chips last night!”

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This isn’t healthy! We are more than our body types, and there are so many different kinds of body types. It doesn’t make a person any less than anyone else.

Healthy living matters! Say that mantra over and over in your head. It’s the absolute truth!

The author of this study did say that there needs to be more research, but the results are still really interesting. Why is this such an understandable finding?

It has a lot to do with self-image, in my opinion. Also, unhealthy relationships with food can play a part as well.

Truth Bomb: Dating Apps Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (Here’s Why & How to Break The Cycle)

How To Avoid Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods – Whether Or Not You Use Dating Apps

So, how do we combat these things? I’ve got some tips that might help.

1) Talk to someone:

This may sound lame, but it’s amazing what talking to a professional will do. Self-esteem issues can cause so many other problems, and often people develop a really bad relationship with food because of it.

If you can’t seem to kick it yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs it sometimes!

2) Kick weight to the curb in a group:

Having a support system helps so much. Get together with some of your girlfriends and come up with a healthy weight loss plan for everyone!

Maybe have a weekend dinner where you all get together and share new, healthy recipes to chow down on. Support is great!

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3) Don’t be so hard on yourself:

Maybe you are the type of person who is very strict and tries to be tough on yourself. Whenever you fail, you probably feel super bad about yourself.

Instead of coming up with a crazy regulated diet, be a little fluid. Allow for plans to change a bit and be okay with some set-backs… It will just make the success that much sweeter!

4) Don’t aim for skinny:

Everyone has a different body type. Too many of us aim to be skinny, when we should really all be aiming to live a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe your girlfriend is stick thin by nature, while you’ve got some curves. That’s totally okay! In fact, embrace those curves!

The important thing is to remember that you are trying to be healthy, NOT skinny.

So, keep this dating app study in mind. Even if you are married with kids (or no kids, or grandkids!), it can apply to you.

You don’t have to be on a dating app to be self-conscious about your body or to have tried some unhealthy ways to lose weight fast.

The important thing?

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Being healthy. You should aim for healthy, not skinny… and you should try to be happy with your body and find the positives.

Find the things you love about yourself! Live a healthy lifestyle and don’t worry about what others are thinking.

Stay on your own journey. You can do it!

dating apps and weight loss

I’ll Admit It… I’ve Practiced “Unhealthy” Weight Loss Methods Too…

Back when I was on Match.com and eHarmony…

I used to NEVER be able to manage my diet.

It would be 3x a week of dinner and wine at restaurants… 

And I’d feel so guilty about my indulgences that I’d often avoid breakfast the next day (or grab something quick at McDonald’s because I was tired from the night before).

It was a vicious cycle that led me to binge later on in the afternoons and evenings… 

Which eventually caused me to pack on the pounds.

Though I didn’t exactly have time to join a gym – and I didn’t want to be “that girl” on a date who turned down a french fry because she’s on keto, or paleo, or whatever.

So I started making my own breakfast – more specifically, I started making these super-satiating (but yummy!) smoothies.

I found that these smoothies kept me full for HOURS… 

Made me feel amazing… 

And if I was even a little bit tired from the night before, they’d wake me up like *that*.

And the best part is, these smoothies were the saving grace that allowed me to lose those extra pounds, AND still manage my dating life, without sacrificing my sanity.

Here are the recipes:

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