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Why Doing The Laundry Is Bad For Your Health

By Caroline Alcantar

December 24, 2021

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Research Reveals That Your Laundry Detergent Might Be Seriously Harming Your Gut Health…

Why Doing The Laundry Is Bad For Your Health

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Okay, I know this isn’t a popular opinion…

But I actually enjoy doing the laundry.

I know, I know… Not many people share that sentiment! (But I do love it.)

So if you’re one of the many people who doesn’t particularly enjoy doing the laundry, you’re going to feel very vindicated today…

Because it turns out that doing the laundry could actually be bad for your health.

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Before you get too excited, however… I have to say that it isn’t the actual act of putting dirty clothes into the washer… or transferring them to the dryer… or folding them once they’re dry… that’s actually bad for you.

The harmful secret is in your laundry detergent.

Why Doing The Laundry Is Bad For Your Health

How Your Laundry Detergent Harms Your Health

Alright, so if the potential problem is in your laundry detergent, you probably better look at the ingredients list, right?

Well, that’s one of the problems. Some detergent brands do NOT tell you what exactly is in your detergent.

It’s actually been a debated issue for several years. Back in 2011, the “Cleaning Product Right to Know Act” was introduced… but shot down and never passed.

The thought that it was never enacted because these detergent companies… and makers of other types of cleaning products as well… have something to hide is a pretty scary thought!

But in response to the failure of this bill, the state of California introduced their own bill in 2017. When this bill passed, some of the major companies were finally required to disclose the ingredients in their cleaning products.

And what did we find out?

It’s pretty bad. Many commercial laundry detergents contain numerous ingredients you would never expect.

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While it’s not fair to say that all natural ingredients are better than synthetic ingredients… I do think it’s fair to say that some of the chemical ingredients in these laundry detergents are worrying.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “But I’m not drinking my laundry detergent. What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is that many of the ingredients in your laundry detergent actually remain on your clothing after it has been washed and rinsed. And then, those ingredients can actually seep into your skin off of your clothing.

So unfortunately, those chemicals in your laundry detergent don’t all rinse off in the wash… and they don’t just stay on the fabric. That’s why some people are sensitive to certain detergents.

And once those ingredients make it into your body’s systems, they can wreak havoc. One of the big problems is that these chemicals disrupt the balance of your gut’s microbiome.

You probably know that your gut is home to lots of tiny bacteria. For the most part, these bacteria are actually good for you.

In fact, your body couldn’t function without them!

But if something—like harsh chemicals from your laundry detergent—disrupts the balance of those bacteria… it can cause serious problems.

An unbalanced gut has been linked to health issues like weight gain, digestive problems, diabetes, acne, and a weakened immune system.

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of your gut health. And even if you aren’t eating detergent pods, your laundry could still be impacting your microbiome.

Why Doing The Laundry Is Bad For Your Health

Watch Out For These Harmful Detergent Ingredients

As you might suspect, some ingredients are worse for you than others. Here are some of the biggest offenders you need to be on the lookout for:

  • Phthalates: Phthalates are normally found in plastics, but they are also found in many laundry detergents. And sadly, they’ve been linked to cancer, as well as poor gut health.
  • Formaldehyde: My first experience with formaldehyde was in a middle-school science class… where formaldehyde was used as a preservative. It has been shown to increase your risk for cancer, and it can also harm your gut health.
  • Surfactants: Surfactants may seem pretty harmless at first. After all, they’re what give you a nice lather in products like shampoos, soaps, and yes, laundry detergent. However, surfactants—particularly sulfates—can be really bad news for your gut health.
  • Benzothiazolinone: This ingredient is a preservative, but it’s also known as a skin irritant. So it can be both harming your gut AND irritating your sensitive skin.
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If your laundry detergent contains these harmful ingredients, you could be risking your gut health.

Why Doing The Laundry Is Bad For Your Health

How To Choose A Gut-Healthy Laundry Detergent

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up laundry detergent altogether in the name of health. You can still wash your clothes!

When you’re at the store, look for safer laundry detergents with natural ingredients. If you see any of the above ingredients listed, stay away.

There are also several household products you can use to effectively clean your laundry… without risking your health.

For example, did you know that baking soda is actually a common ingredient in many laundry detergents? It’s great for brightening whites and freshening up the smell of your laundry.

In addition to using a detergent with baking soda (and not all those yucky ingredients)… you can also use baking soda as a standalone when washing your clothes.

Want a brighter scent? Try a splash of lemon juice in your laundry.

The citric acid found in lemon juice is perfect for removing stains and odors, as well as brightening your fabrics.

And if you’re worried about killing harmful bacteria that may be lurking in your dirty laundry… try some white vinegar in your wash. It’s perfect for killing dangerous bacteria, as well as freshening the scent.

Our last recommendation is for those of you who want to go all-natural with your laundry… soap nuts!

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Soap nuts are from a plant that has been dried out. Specifically soap nuts are from the Sapindus mukorossi tree

When you add them to your wash, the soap nuts saponify (or lather on their own). This is because they contain a natural soap that is activated by water. The result is clean, fresh clothing—with no danger to your gut health!

And without those ingredients that endanger your gut… you’ll likely see improved digestive health… less acne & skin problems… and easier weight loss!

With these simple guidelines, you have the information you need to make better decisions about your laundry detergent. Who knows—with the right, gut-safe detergent, you might start enjoying doing laundry as much as I do!

How To Improve Your Gut Health Faster (In Addition To Switching Your Detergent)

Unfortunately, even if you switch to a gut-safe laundry detergent TODAY…

Your microbiome has probably already suffered some damage at the hands of those chemical-laden commercial detergents. 🙁

And yes, over time, your gut health will “bounce back” thanks to those good bacteria—that are no longer being sabotaged & killed off by your laundry detergent.

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