November 10


Zen and the Art of Weight Loss: THIS Should Be Your First Step to Melt Off Pounds…

By Tara Powers

November 10, 2020

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Discover The Simple Way To Start Melting Off The Pounds…

Zen and the Art of Weight Loss: THIS Should Be Your First Step to Melt Off Pounds...

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With the holidays around the corner, weight loss has been hot on my mind. 

Trying to lose weight especially with tempting and heavy holiday food around can be incredibly difficult.


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But I’ve found an incredibly easy way to lose weight that doesn’t involve hours in the gym or eating nothing but salads for weeks.

If you want to steal all my weight loss tips then check out my quick video below. 

Zen and the Art of Weight Loss: THIS Should Be Your First Step to Melt Off Pounds...

Catch The Full Transcript Below 

Hello there!

My name is Tara here with Fit Trim Happy. I’m a certified nutrition coach here to answer some of your questions. 

Today’s question is an interesting one.

The question is:

“Which is the best diet to lose weight?”

As I’m sure you know there are lots of diets out there when it comes to losing weight. 

But on the whole here is what I have to say about diets…

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Make sure you are on a diet that you actually like. If you enjoy your diet that is the first step to lasting success.

The best diet is actually a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change will lead to long term change that sticks.

More times than not if you temporarily adopt a meal plan you are more than likely to gain all the weight back if not more once you go off of it.

Zen and the Art of Weight Loss: THIS Should Be Your First Step to Melt Off Pounds...

The First Step On Your Journey to Lose More Weight Is…

Like I said pretty simple:

Do something that works for you.

Too many people try to go to the gym every night for an hour…

Or go on an unsustainable diet (keto, anyone?)

The first thing you should do is a really easy habit that works for you.

If you have the willpower to cut out, for example, “drinks with calories” and replace them with water… that’s a good first step.

Or even better… I’d highly recommend this game-changing blend of weight loss probiotics.

It was developed with the help of Dr. Steven Masley… and backed up with mountains of studies and research that shows that these 5 “Super Strains” are the absolute best that help people lose weight fastest…

Since it’s literally as easy as “take one pill per day”… it’s really easy to get going on… and keep doing for the recommended 12-24 weeks…

To see Dr. Masley’s free documentary about this blend of weight loss probiotics… click the link below now:

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