Spend WAY LESS Time In the Gym… & More Time Doing THIS to Lose Weight

Spend WAY LESS Time In the Gym… & More Time Doing THIS to Lose Weight

(HINT: It’s Something You’re 100% For Sure Doing Already… You Just Need to Do WAY More of It…)

Most people think that you have to do one of the following (awful) things to lose weight:

  • Exercise like a pro athlete: chain yourself to a treadmill for hours on end as other sweaty people gawk at you like a circus sideshow at the gym.
  • Track every single… little… thing you eat had a leaf of lettuce for a snack? Uh oh… that put you over your calorie goal for the day. [Sad trumpet noise]… or…
  • Starve yourself half to death. No more of your favorite foods… and definitely nothing sweet or that tastes good. 

Of course, the problem with all of these things is simple:

They don’t work to keep the weight off over the long haul! 

(And, you start hating your life.)

In fact… a recent scientific study shows definitively that to lose weight over the long haul

…you should stop doing ALL of the harmful things above… that actually endanger your weight and health over the long run…

And start doing a whole lot more of something you already do once a day, like clockwork:


Now if you’re anything like me… you’re probably thinking one thing:

“I would love to sleep more! But I’m so busy… I just don’t have the time! And even if I do, it’s tough to get really good, deep sleep that leaves me refreshed in the morning…”

Well, thankfully modern science found a solution for that too… in an extremely unlikely place (more on that in a minute)…

This brand-new scientific study is turning heads in the weight loss community… and even some of the top health and fitness influencers in the field are rethinking their sleep routines for simple, effortless weight loss…

Spend WAY LESS Time In the Gym… & More Time Doing THIS to Lose Weight

The Groundbreaking New Study That Will Change The Way You Sleep FOR GOOD!

This study, in the highly-respected journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found a deep link between the amount of sleep you get and your “hunger hormones.” [1]

Those study participants who didn’t get at least 7 hours of sleep per night had really messed up levels of hormones like ghrelin and leptin (which control hunger). [2]

Not only that, but consistently getting less sleep disrupted participants’ circadian rhythms–their natural sleep and wake cycles. As well as the amount of melatonin (a natural sleep hormone) they produced. [3]

The result? Those who got less than 6 hours of sleep per night gained up to 2.84 pounds in this short (2 week) study.

While those who got 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night (and changed nothing else) lost 1.1 pounds more on average. [4]

So sleep can be the difference between easily losing several pounds per month… or gaining 5 pounds OR MORE per month!

Spend WAY LESS Time In the Gym… & More Time Doing THIS to Lose Weight

How to Get Deep, Restful Sleep (Even If You’re Super Busy or Your Mind Races a Lot) 

I’ve had sleep problems for years… and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably the same:

You don’t have enough time to sleep to begin with…

When you do lay down… your mind probably still races sometimes keeping you up…

And you might toss and turn… and wake up several times during the night.

This is not the kind of deep, restful sleep you were designed to have!

So what you need is something that relaxes your mind and body enough to get the deep sleep that your body needs.

Your body needs this restorative, rejuvenative “delta wave” sleep for a bunch of different reasons:

  • To speed up your metabolism and burn more food for energy (instead of storing it as fat)
  • To regulate the hunger and sleep hormones your body produces to feel full longer, and
  • To naturally reduce inflammation and pain in your body… which keeps you sleeping longer and reinforces this rejuvenative cycle.

Until now, the only options you had were dangerous prescriptions like Ambien… which doesn’t really get you into a deep sleep at all… and which can have some horrible side effects…

… like sleepwalking… “lost time”… and yes, embarrassing social gaffes!

And by all means, you can try melatonin. But I’ve found that melatonin rarely works through the night… even if you take a “mega dose” of 10 mgs.

So you wake up at 2 am… and now it’s too late to take a “booster dose” of melatonin. And you’re left with the same problem.

No… you need something that’s been proven to work for generations. Something that can put your brain effortlessly into deep “delta wave” sleep… where your metabolism speeds up and you burn more fat…

In short… you need these 5 all-natural plants and herbs.

Each one is proven to put you into the deep, restful sleep that your body needs to heal itself… and STAY asleep… to repair your gut… and start burning food for energy instead of storing it as fat.

And now, they’re all available in a delicious drink that gives you ALL of these sleep benefits… as well as ALL of the “green nutrition” you need for the day.

Simply drink this before bedtime every night… and you’ll notice the pounds melting right off…

(Not to mention you’ll feel better-rested, have more energy, and have fewer chronic aches and pains)…

Here’s where to get it (and exactly how much to take for MAXIMUM sleep and fat-burning benefits:

Spend WAY LESS Time In the Gym… & More Time Doing THIS to Lose Weight

This Delicious “Bedtime Shake” Effortlessly Puts You Into a Deep Sleep (and Melts Fat as You Snooze)

P.S. – Staying asleep through the night is one of the most crucial parts of weight loss and overall wellness. These 5 all-natural ingredients are serious power-players to make sure you get the quality rest you need. Even better, there’s one ingredient in particular that’s completely worth its weight in “gold.” Click here now to see what I mean

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