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These 17 Essentials Make Healthy Eating Easy (And Tasty!)

By Elise Phillips Margulis

May 25, 2020

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Healthy Eating Is Easy With These 17 Essentials On-Hand

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Food shopping can be a lengthy ordeal these days, between the mask and gloves (required in some states & stores)… the social distancing… waiting to go inside the store… and disinfecting your groceries at home.

Now more than ever, being strategic when filling your pantry and fridge is essential so you won’t have to make extra trips to the store.  

Here are some important foods and ingredients to keep in your home so you can whip up a variety of meals and snacks.

I’ve created a list of the top essential healthy foods you need to keep on-hand… so you can make healthy eating easy & convenient.



Beans are magical because they are full of fiber. They are also very versatile… and can be served in a bean salad or in rice, tacos, burritos, nachos, casseroles, chili, and soups.

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Beans contain vitamin B and minerals and have been linked to reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

In addition to being low in calories, beans help you maintain a healthy gut and also have a long shelf life. Here are some savory bean recipes to try out.


Delicious nuts can be served alone… but they also taste great in cereals, pasta, grains, salads, vegetable dishes, and yogurt. They are nutritional powerhouses that store well. 

Nuts have healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and fiber. They are full of vitamins, minerals, folate, vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. Nuts also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Be sure to choose unsalted nuts if you don’t want to retain water—and who does?!

Canned Fish & Chicken

Canned tuna, salmon, and chicken stay good for a long time in your pantry. These are healthy proteins that can be used in salads, casseroles, enchiladas, soups, and other recipes. 

Canned fish and chicken make nice sandwiches, too.     

Tuna contains small amounts of mercury… so the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) recommends that adults not eat it more than three times per month. Children should limit consumption of tuna to once or twice each month.

According to the EDF, light tuna has less mercury than white.

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Peanut Butter

Between childhood memories of PB&J and the rich texture… peanut butter is a classic comfort food.

Peanut butter stores well and can be spread on fruits like bananas and apples… or veggies like celery. It’s also delightful on waffles and pancakes. 

Check the ingredients before you buy peanut butter… because many brands contain added sugar and salt. Peanut butter is a perfect substance and doesn’t need anything added to it.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and veggies are full of fiber, antioxidants, and lots of vitamins. Frozen fruits and vegetables are nutritious because vitamins are locked into them. 

Canned fruit and veggies are healthy as well… unless they are marinating in sugary syrup, salt, or preservatives. Check the label. 

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that you consume two cups of fruit a day, and two and a half cups of vegetables… so keep your favorites on hand. 

The best way to consume the recommended amount is to try to include them in all meals, as well as snacks.

Fruits pair well with nuts, are delicious in yogurt and cereals, and are yummy on top of waffles. Fruit also adds sweetness and flavor to salads and doubles as a dessert. 

Potatoes are an important staple because they can be a meal when stuffed with veggies, cheese, and/or beans. Potatoes are great side dishes and snacks. 

Baked white or sweet potatoes can be cut like French fries, steak fries, or into round slices. Plus, they are bursting with nutrients!

White potatoes contain fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, and have no cholesterol. Sweet potatoes contain fiber, multiple B vitamins, and vitamin C… plus iron, selenium, and calcium. 

Canned tomatoes are also versatile and healthy. Tomatoes are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene (which can help reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer)… and they are full of potassium, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

Canned tomatoes can easily be used in casseroles and soups. Or, add basil and other herbs to make marinara sauce.


Brown and white rice, couscous, bulgur, and faro (the latter three are healthiest if you want wheat), and quinoa are all bursting with fiber. Quinoa is also a good source of protein. 

These grains contain vitamin B, iron, magnesium, and selenium. Grains help decrease blood cholesterol levels, which reduces your risk of heart disease.

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Grains are easy to store and taste great with vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even by themselves. 

Pasta, cereals, oatmeal, and bread are also staple pantry items.

Pasta is extremely versatile. You can add nuts, veggies, cheese, meat, etc.

Pasta is easy to cook and always satisfying (another comfort food!). Here are some easy yet mouthwatering pasta recipes.


You better have lots of snacks available if you’re home for the long haul! 

Low-salt popcorn, unsweetened apple sauce, unsweetened dried fruit, fruit and nut bars (with no added sugar), plantain or veggie chips, and low-salt pretzels are all healthy and fun snacks. 

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As always, be sure to check the label to make sure you’re not consuming a lot of fattening and unhealthy ingredients. 

Oils & Balsamic Vinegar

Olive oil makes pasta and salads delicious and goes very well on crusty bread.

Canola oil is especially good for pan frying and wok cooking. You can roast or bake vegetables and meats in either of these oils. 

Olive oil’s friend, Balsamic vinegar, is rich and flavorful. It’s perfect for making dressings, marinades, and sauces tangy and tasty.


Stock enhances the taste of soups, sauces, and grains. Keep low-salt vegetable, chicken, and/or beef stock in your pantry to add flavor to your meals.

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Dairy & Eggs


Cheese and crackers are a healthy and tasty snack. Plus, everyone loves grilled cheese! 

Cheese is scrumptious in pasta, served with a fruit platter, on a burger, and in so many recipes.


Shelf-stable milk (like the brand Parmalat) is the ultimate quarantine product. Drink it straight, mix in some chocolate, or use it in a recipe (pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and more).

If you’re looking for another option that keeps longer than a regular gallon of milk in the fridge, try dry powdered milk. You simply add water to reconstitute the milk… and it can be used in many different recipes.


Eggs can be prepared in so many ways: scrambled, sunny side up, boiled, Benedict, poached, as an omelet, and on and on. 

Eggs are also essential ingredients in everything from quiche to baked goods and beyond.

Baking Ingredients

Everyone is baking during quarantine. Some grocery stores can’t get enough white flour to keep their shelves stocked—and no one’s seen wheat flour in a while.  

Keep basic baking ingredients in the kitchen at all times in case the desire to make cookies or something more decadent overwhelms you or someone you live with. 

Here are some vital baking items:

  • Granulated, powdered, and brown sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Chocolate chips
  • Flour
  • Baking soda
  • Baking powder

When making your shopping list, walking down the aisles at your grocery store, or ordering online, think about items that can be used for multiple recipes so you’re always prepared.

With these simple essentials, you’re ready to make countless healthy meals!

How These Healthy Food Essentials Can Supercharge Your Weight Loss…

Did you notice what tons of these healthy foods have in common?

They’re full of protein!

Thankfully, not only do many protein-rich foods store really well and work deliciously in lots of different recipes…

But they’re also very filling (eating well is SO hard when you’re constantly hungry, so this is huge) and absolutely essential to your health.

That’s because protein is required for helping your body build & repair tissue and muscle…

As well as losing weight. (I love when eating something makes me LOSE weight.)

It’s actually been scientifically proven that those satisfying, high-protein foods are essential for losing weight and keeping it off.

In fact, one study found that people who added more protein to their diet burned more calories the next day. The average was 441 MORE calories burned per day!

But in order to achieve those kinds of results… you have to make sure you’re eating the right amount of protein. If you don’t get enough, it won’t work (and those stubborn pounds won’t budge anytime soon).

Yep, you might need to eat more delicious foods to lose weight. 😉

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