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Will Calorie Counts On Fast Food Menus Make You Eat Less? New Harvard Research Reveals The Truth…

By Shelby Talcott

March 1, 2022

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New Study Finds Whether Calorie Labels Make A Difference In Fast Food Orders

Will Calorie Counts On Fast Food Menus Make You Eat Less? New Harvard Research Reveals The Truth…

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One of my favorite things (and I know, sometimes it’s not great for the wallet OR my health) is eating out. When I was younger, getting fast food would be a treat. That definitely hasn’t changed!

Now, though, I’ve realized the obvious downfalls to chowing down on fast food. It’s not the healthiest option… but every once in a while, it’s okay to indulge!

Before you grab your keys and run to the fast food joint, though… there are some other things that you might not know about. These are less talked about, but super important—especially because we are all trying to live a healthy lifestyle!

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If you’re a big “counting calories” person, you’re going to want to keep reading. And, if you’re not… you should still read.

This is important!

Will Calorie Counts On Fast Food Menus Make You Eat Less? New Harvard Research Reveals The Truth…

How Calorie Counts On Fast Food Menus Impact You

One study, from this year, found that those calorie count numbers attached to fast food menus changed people’s orders. I found this really interesting because I never knew that just looking at that number could indirectly affect what I order!

So, according to the study, customers ate slightly fewer calories after fast food joints started to include the numbers on the menu. BUT—yeah, unfortunately, there’s a “but”…

The impact of these numbers weakened over time. This is important because all fast food chains (that have 20 or more outlets in America) now HAVE to have calories labeled.

Why is this important for you to know?

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Well, it’s always good to know how many calories you are eating, right? But also, it’s really important to recognize how knowing these numbers could affect you… (or how you might eventually become numb to the numbers).

When calorie labeling first started, there was about a 60 calorie decrease in orders per sale, according to the study. This increased a little weekly in the following year.

So—what’s the takeaway? Why should you even care about the calorie numbers listed at fast food chains?

There are a few reasons.

The first reason is that fast food chains are literally everywhere in America, and therefore it’s fairly likely that you are going to end up at one occasionally. So, having the most information possible is always good!

Next, you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Understanding how things impact your choices is super important… and can make you even more aware.

Now that you know the findings of this study, how do you find healthy food options when eating out?

Will Calorie Counts On Fast Food Menus Make You Eat Less? New Harvard Research Reveals The Truth…

How To Make Healthier Food Choices When Eating Out (Even At Fast Food Restaurants)

The good news is that this is really easy! And, it’s been made even easier by the calorie labels at fast food restaurants.

Here are some tips for eating healthier when eating out:

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1) Try to remember this study.

Particularly, keep in mind that you may become desensitized to those calorie numbers over time.

This will help in food decision making because if you remain aware of the calorie numbers… you will likely make a smarter, healthier food choice when eating out.

2) Remember that you can alter what you want to eat.

Really craving a burger? Maybe bag the cheese this time.

Do you NEED some fries? Sure, but order a small.

The key, especially when eating out, is moderation. Things can be enjoyed, but moderation is important.

3) Put your food on a plate.

Putting your meals on a plate (and a smaller one than a dinner plate) tricks your mind because you see that the plate is full, right? So, you are seeing a big meal… whereas if you put that same exact meal on a larger place, your mind would just focus on all those empty spaces where food should be!

Putting your meals on a plate and making sure that plate is a smaller one really helps with portion control.

4) Speaking of portion control—a lot of times, eating out can cause overeating.

Don’t be afraid to take your extra food to-go and save it for a second meal. Don’t feel pressured to eat your WHOLE fast food meal in one sitting.

5) Always try to eat something healthy when you’re eating out.

Do you REALLY want that dessert? Sure, but maybe split it with someone and make your main meal healthy.

Again, moderation is key!

So, I’ve given you a lot of food for thought. (Get it?)

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The biggest takeaway here is that you absolutely CAN eat out and still live a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy and making good choices should not be something that stifles you!

But (yeah, sorry, another one) being mindful when eating out is really important. Fast food and chain restaurants are great.

Believe me, I love them. But with this comes a lot of temptations!

Make sure that you are still making healthy lifestyle choices… even when indulging yourself. You can take any situation and make it into a healthy lifestyle… while still having fun and living your life.

So, go have fun! Keep these tips in mind (and the study)… and it’s a recipe for success. (Sorry, another food pun, I can’t help it!)


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