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9 Delicious “Living” Foods That Can Burn Fat Like Crazy

By Caroline Alcantar

November 21, 2020

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If you’re anything like me, losing that stubborn weight takes up way more of your mental energy than you want it to.

No matter how hard we try to stay focused on other important things in our lives, we still want to look good, feel good, and be healthy. And sometimes, that means losing weight.

Maybe you’re tired of trying diet after diet, without getting results.

Maybe you’re just really sick of the treadmill.

Believe it or not, losing weight is more complicated than controlling calories and exercising.

In fact, the health of your digestive system, aka your “gut,” has a lot to do with your weight!

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Maybe you’re already familiar with the probiotic craze. But what are probiotics, exactly, and how can they help you lose weight?

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

What Are Probiotics, AKA “Living Foods” & How Can They Help You Burn Fat?

Probiotics are, in a nutshell, healthy gut bacteria.

“Good” bacteria makes you healthy, not sick!

If the thought of eating bacteria skeeves you out, think of it this way:

Your digestive system is already full of bacteria. Like a well-balanced ecosystem, that bacteria helps you digest your food.

Your gut is also the home of a large portion of your immune system!

You might hear a lot about “good” and “bad” gut bacteria. This describes the balance of bacteria in your gut that keep your body running well.

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Sometimes, though, gut bacteria can get out of whack.

That’s why nutritionists recommend eating probiotic-rich foods, to add more “good” bacteria to your digestive tract and get that balance back.

Which is also super important for a normal metabolism.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, a gut imbalance could be to blame.

A healthy gut can also give you more energy, help you burn more fat, and protect you from illness!

What’s not to love, right?

With so many great gut benefits, you may be wondering why everyone isn’t eating lots of foods that contain probiotics every day?

Well, the “microbiome,” as it’s called—the invisible ecosystem inside your body—is really complicated.

As a result, throwing just any food at it isn’t going to give you results.

The truth is, not all probiotic foods are created equal.

We’re here to tell you about nine probiotic foods that are scientifically proven to help with weight loss.

Ready to get rid of that stubborn belly fat? Read on!


1) Miso

It’s time to break miso out of the fancy sushi restaurant and introduce it to your kitchen.

Real miso is made from fermented soybeans.

The fermentation process fills foods with healthy bacteria that your gut needs to regulate your metabolism, so you can shed that weight. Break out the chopsticks and enjoy.

2) Yogurt

Look for yogurt that boasts “live cultures” on the label, and you can be sure you’re doing your gut a favor.

Opt for plain yogurt that isn’t full of sugar, for even better weight loss benefits.

3) Kombucha

Kick the soda habit in favor off a fizzy, refreshing bottle of kombucha.

This fermented drink contains bacteria and yeast colonies, as well as black or green tea, which together kick your gut (and your body’s weight loss mechanisms) into high gear.

Not to mention, it’s super delicious and low in sugar, plus high in vitamin B.

9 Delicious “Living” Foods That Can Burn Fat Like Crazy
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4) Tofu

When soybeans are fermented, the result is tofu—and no, it doesn’t have to be that bland white mush you’ve been avoiding.

Marinate it like you would stake, or sauté it without favorite vegetables. If you want it to have a dense, meatier texture, make sure you buy the extra-firm stuff.

Ta-da: tofu becomes a delicious way to boost your gut health and lose weight.


5) Kefir

Another delicious fermented beverage, kefir is similar to yogurt, but drinkable.

Made from goat or cow’s milk, a bacteria culture gives kefir a delicious tart taste and pumps it full of gut-healing properties.

Swap the milk in your diet for kefir to drop those pounds.

6) Cheese

Sharp cheddar. Parmesan. Gouda. Swiss.

Do you need an excuse to eat these!? Now you have one!

Fermented cheeses have been aged, giving healthy bacteria plenty of time to grow. Enjoy—your bathroom scale will be happy, too.

9 Delicious “Living” Foods That Can Burn Fat Like Crazy
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7) Kimchi

You don’t need to travel to Korea to enjoy this delicacy.

The fermented foods section of your grocery store (where they sell the tofu and vegetarian stuff) is more than likely to stock kimchi, a delicious mixture of fermented radish and cabbage.

Eat it alongside sandwiches, or add to your salads for a delicious boost of gut health.

8) Sauerkraut

It’s not just for Germans.

This mixture of fermented cabbage and other veggies is sure to help your gut.

You can make your own—or shoot for an organic brand that is fermented with live cultures.

foods that burn fat fast

9) Coalho

Before I mentioned cheese… 

But I left one important cheese out, because it may be especially good at burning fat.

It’s called coalho and it was first discovered in Brazil…

This cheese is firm but lightweight, and is very similar to feta… though it contains one special ingredient, that may potentially help your body burn a LOT more fat…

(… and may explain why some Brazilian people can eat all the red meat and bread they want, and not gain a pound…)

What Do a Lot of These Foods Have In Common?

You may have noticed something about a lot of these foods:

Many of them are fermented.

That’s because the fermenting process naturally leaves some bacteria behind that are great for your gut.

And when you get enough of these “good” gut bacteria in your gut… they can repair decades-worth of damage relatively quickly.

Good gut bacteria can fix your “leaky gut”…

They can help you feel better and have more energy…

And best of all, they can help you lose weight quickly, without really tough workouts, or strict “deprivation” diets.

Recently, a popular TV doctor made an “accidental” discovery about these good gut bacteria that has transformed his patients’ lives.

And now he’s making this discovery public for the very first time:

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