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3 Delicious, Healthy Dessert Recipes (That Don’t TASTE Healthy!) [Video]

By Katherine Martin

August 25, 2021

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Indulge In These Healthy Dessert Recipes

3 Delicious, Healthy Dessert Recipes (That Don’t TASTE Healthy!) [Video]

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Hi, it’s Katherine!

Today I’m here to dispel a very common myth… that has been passed around the weight loss community for years.

I’m almost positive you’ve heard it before. And you might even think it’s true!

Here’s the myth: You can’t eat dessert if you want to lose weight.

It’s false!

Sure, maybe you can’t only eat dessert if you want to lose weight…

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But the real truth is that dessert isn’t “bad” for you or your waistline. However, you do need to be careful about which desserts you choose to indulge in.

That’s why I’m excited to bring you three healthy dessert recipes today. That’s right—they’re healthy!

That means you can eat them without feeling guilty about “ruining” your weight loss efforts… because you really aren’t.

These desserts are healthy and slimming, but they don’t taste healthy. In fact, they taste totally decadent and indulgent!

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So, stop drooling over your keyboard… and let’s dive in with these three healthy & delicious desserts!

3 Delicious, Healthy Dessert Recipes (That Don’t TASTE Healthy!) [Video]

Catch The Full Transcript Below…

Say goodbye to that outdated idea that desserts can’t be healthy!

I have three delectable and absolutely guilt-free dessert recipes to share with you right now. Now, each one’s rich enough to satisfy the most nagging sweet tooth… and the best part is you don’t have to feel bad after you indulge in any of these.

These healthy desserts are made with wholesome, naturally delicious ingredients that provide your body with nutrients and clean fuel that will keep you satisfied longer… without those sticky surplus calories or lots of added sugar and fat.

I’m Katherine for Fit Trim Happy, the top channel and website for food-based weight loss online. Now, keep watching as I share with you these three waistline-friendly treats that will help you escape sneaky hunger attacks and destructive binges.

First up?

1) Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

First up on our list of desserts that are healthy for you is this chocolate chip cookie recipe. It happens to be not only super delicious, but also super good for you.

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Fly back to after school snacks in mom’s kitchen with this healthy spin on an American classic. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is both paleo and gluten-free too… which means it’s great for almost any diet and the perfect choice when you’re feeling nostalgic for classic treat. 

2) Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This peanut butter ice cream recipe is perfect for summer days and cozy movie nights. It’s the ultimate alternative to traditional ice cream… and once you try it out, you’re guaranteed not to miss the sugar- and cream-filled version that you’d buy at a store.

Another reason this recipe is a big one? It’s so simple—with just two ingredients.

Banana and peanut butter combine to boost your body with magnesium, potassium, and protein. With such great benefits, it’s hard to find a reason not to indulge!

3) Mocha Chocolate Cake

Satisfy your chocolate craving without fear you might overdo it with this luscious mocha chocolate cake made for one.

Antioxidant-rich cocoa and coffee granules combine with coconut oil to make for a full-flavor, luscious end to any meal. And since it’s ready in under a minute, this little gem is perfect if you’re pressed for time.

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We all get cravings for something sweet from time to time. It’s totally normal!

What’s not normal is constantly denying ourselves that indulgence. So go ahead—indulge!

If you do it the healthy and smart way… and use one of these three recipes… it won’t even feel like a cheat. Instead, it will feel like a healthy and satisfying addition, even to the strictest diet.

So opt for one of these desserts that are healthy for you the next time you’re feeling naughty… and enjoy scraping your dessert dish clean without any guilt.

Now, in just a minute I have a free gift for you that will make it even easier for you to lose weight, slim down, and stay trim—the healthy way.

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Again, I’m Katherine for Fit Trim Happy—lose the weight and keep it off!

7 More Slimming “Healthy” Desserts That Taste So Good Nobody Will Know The Difference!

Is there such a thing as “too much dessert”?

(Hint: The answer is definitively, NOPE.) 🙂

Especially around the holidays… Christmas cookies, cakes, and other sweets are such a fun and easy gift to give… not to mention, they’re a lot of fun to eat too!

However, I will admit it’s a bit of a double-edged sword… because while these traditional “holiday” desserts put a smile on everyone’s face… they’re not exactly “good for you.”

(For reference, one Nestle Toll House cookie has 125 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat! Which may not sound like much… but who can stop at just one cookie?)

And if you search for “healthy desserts” on Google, it’s kind of a crapshoot.

I remember the last time I baked “healthy” oatmeal cookies for a work function… not only did they taste like CARDBOARD, but nobody touched them. Total waste.

(And I still hear about it from my co-workers to this day! Ugh.)

Fortunately, in addition to the 3 *amazing* healthy desserts above, I’ve got 7 more secretly “slimming” dessert recipes I’d like to share with you.

These are PERFECT for when you want to bring something to a party, but don’t want to seem like the “Debbie Downer Dieter”… 

… yet they won’t give you ANY of the guilt that eating a plateful of traditional holiday cookies will. 

I think my current fav are the Strawberry Cashew Butter Cheesecake Bars… they taste good and look SO elegant… nobody EVER guesses they’re secretly “healthy”!

(My partner actually thought I brought these home from the Cheesecake Factory the first time I made them… LOL!)

You can see all 7 right here:

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