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Eating For Weight Loss: 3 Big Meals A Day, Or 6 Smaller Ones?

By Tara Powers

January 28, 2021

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How Many Meals Should You Eat Every Day To Lose Weight?

Eating For Weight Loss: 3 Big Meals A Day, Or 6 Smaller Ones?

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Hey everyone! It’s me, Tara.

I’m Fit Trim Happy’s resident certified nutrition coach. It’s my passion and my mission to help you learn more about nutrition, health, and how you can stay healthy and fit.

One of my favorite things to do is to answer your questions so you make informed choices about your health.

And today’s question is about eating for weight loss… 

It’s no secret that what you eat has a HUGE impact on your weight.

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If you eat healthy-sized portions of good-for-you foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains… you’re more likely to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

On the other hand, if you eat too many ultra-processed foods… or foods with lots of sugar or unhealthy fats… you’ll probably gain some extra pounds.

And like I said, that’s no secret! That’s why diets are so popular—changing what you eat can really affect your weight… as well as your overall health.

However, did you know that WHEN you eat can also affect your weight?

And I’m not only talking about eating on a specific schedule, like intermittent fasting.

I’m talking about how often you should eat. It’s been a pretty big subject of debate in the weight loss and health communities for some time now…

Should you eat three big meals a day… which seems to be the “traditional” meal schedule most people grew up with…

(In fact, you might have even gotten in trouble occasionally for eating in between your three regular meals—I know I did!)

Or should you eat four to six smaller meals?

Or does it not really matter? Are we blowing this issue out of proportion?

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Well, it DOES matter. How often you eat… and how big those meals are… can make a big difference in your weight.

That’s because of how your eating schedule can affect your metabolism.

So, let’s dive into this topic and see which eating schedule is better for losing weight:

Eating For Weight Loss: 3 Big Meals A Day, Or 6 Smaller Ones?

Catch The Full Transcript Below…

Hi everyone! This is Tara with Fit Trim Happy, and I am a certified nutrition coach here to answer some questions.

Today’s question is another great one. The question is:

Is it better to eat three big meals a day or four to six small meals?

There is no question about this one! It is much better to eat four to six small meals.

And that’s because your metabolism should be kept up throughout the day. So you want to get your metabolism running first thing in the morning with a small breakfast…

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And then every couple of hours, you want to feed the engine… and that’s going to help you lose weight faster.

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Another Easy, Research-Proven Way To Boost Your Metabolism & Lose More Weight

Here’s another “pro tip” to burn more calories throughout the day:

Eat more protein.

Studies have shown that a 15-20% increase in the amount of protein you eat can burn up to 441 more calories per day!

Of course, that doesn’t mean fast food burgers or milkshakes (oh well!).

Though you can eat more things like rich cheeses, delicious nuts, lean meats, and beans.

So especially in these trying times… when you can’t get out and work out so easily…

Make up for it by eating more protein!

And in fact… there are two other simple tips you can do to lose more weight faster… and they work especially well when you can’t make it out to the gym.

Combine all 3 of these… and your metabolism will be so charged up that you’ll actually burn fat right off as you’re sleeping… or sitting on the couch watching Netflix. (And let’s be honest… we ALL do it…)

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