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Always Hungry? Control Hunger & Beat Cravings with 5 Easy, Science-Backed Tips

By Shelby Talcott

December 26, 2019

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Feel Fuller For Longer & Beat Hunger Cravings With 5 Easy Tips, Scientifically Proven To Work!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly hungry.

Hormonal changes? Hand me a family-sized bar of chocolate and it’s a done deal.

Winter arriving? My body begins to prepare for hibernation.

Trying to snack on unhealthy food less while binging my favorite Netflix show? Forget about it!

This is a tough nut to crack because while you don’t want to give into bad habits, you also don’t want to restrict yourself too much. Luckily, there are so many simple ways to beat your hunger cravings in productive ways.

Food is great, and those hard, strict diets aren’t necessary to maintain a healthy weight!

In fact, you can even choose certain foods that will help you feel full for longer… so you can lose weight without going hungry.

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Let’s take a look at some of my favorite and most effective ways to beat those pesky hunger cravings:

1) Quench the thirst – drink more water.

According to some studies, people who drink water before meals eat fewer calories and lose more weight. One study found that people who drink two 8-oz glasses of water before each meal intake 75-90 fewer calories than those who don’t drink that amount of water.

It’s been proven that a lot of times, hunger can be confused with thirst. Furthermore, water helps with digestion, can eliminate extra sodium from our bodies, and will lower how much fluid we keep in our bodies.

All of these things benefit weight control. So not only is water a great way to curb cravings, but it will benefit your body in the long run as well!

So, the next time you’re craving food even though you’ve just eaten, try drinking some water! You’ll be surprised at how often our bodies are just trying to quench the thirst.

Also, start drinking extra water before main meals. The benefits will be long term, and your body will thank you!

2) Go nuts for nuts.

Cashews, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios – the list goes on and on! Nuts are great because they’re both a healthy snack and are great at curbing those cravings.

Walnuts, for example, have shown in some studies to help control hunger and cravings on a neurological level. These tiny snacks can literally change how your brain thinks about food!

Each type of nut has its own specific benefits to your body.

Almonds are filled with fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E. They can lower your blood sugar, as well as reduce blood pressure.

They also contain lots of protein and healthy fats. This means that a handful of these bad boys can stop cravings in a healthier and more productive way!

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Instead of reaching for that bag of chips next time you’re feeling a craving, choose nuts! They’re delicious, nutritious, and a filling snack that will leave you feeling satisfied without making you feel bad about snacking.

3) Sleep!

This one sounds so simple – get more sleep! The CDC recently found that about 35 percent of American adults don’t get seven or more hours of sleep every night, and more than a third aren’t getting enough sleep regularly.

Another study found that not enough sleep can increase hunger and cravings by up to 24 percent! Lack of sleep can increase your stress levels (I know that it does for me) and cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate a lot more.

Why does blood sugar level matter? Well, big fluctuations can cause your body to crave processed foods, sugar, and stimulants.

Furthermore, foods like these are addictive, so eating them just makes your body want them more. Whenever I eat unhealthy foods, I just end up wanting more bad food!

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Getting more sleep can help you curb cravings – it’ll regulate your blood sugar level and has been shown to decrease stress levels. Not only will this help you maintain a healthy weight, but getting enough sleep will result in so many other life benefits!

Start hitting the pillow earlier and longer for a happy, healthier life.

4) Feast on fish.

Fish have quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids that will increase how full you feel after a meal. Personally, salmon and cod are my favorites.

Every time I throw these little dudes onto my plate, I finish the meal feeling satisfied without feeling bloated! No food baby here.

Try to avoid fried fish – sorry to all of the fish and chips fans out there! However, there are tons of other ways to cook and eat fish.

Throw it on the grill or cook it in the oven – add some spices or sauces to top off a perfect meal.

Each fish comes with their own benefits, but fish in general is a proven way to feel fuller and satisfied after a meal. The high protein content and amino acids not only increase how full you’ll feel after a meal… but they can also help to regulate your metabolism.

There’s no fishy business here – this is a great way to cut those cravings!

5) Grains are great.

Fiber and protein (as mentioned earlier) do a really good job of filling you up and keeping you full for longer. Whole grains can help lower the risk of strokes, and this fiber-rich food group is awesome at preventing overeating.

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Multiple studies over the past 45 years have suggested that including grains in your everyday life correlates with a lower chance of obesity.

I’m a really big fan of grains because you can do so much with them – they can be added into smoothies, you can eat them for any meal, and they are a great substitute for less-healthy food versions (like eating brown rice instead of white)!

Common grains include oatmeal, quinoa, and flaxseed. Not only are they high in fiber, which reduces cravings, but they also contain a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Grab some grains to feel fuller for longer – they’re heart healthy too!

Beat Hunger Cravings & Finally Lose Weight

Try these tricks the next time you’re feeling a hunger craving. It’s super important to maintain healthy eating habits… and oftentimes, simply changing what you are eating can be more effective than limiting how much you eat!

Staying hydrated and sleeping enough are just as important as things like eating more fish, substituting bad junk food for snacks like nuts, and getting your grains in.

how to control hunger

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