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“Like Getting Hit By Lightning While Guzzling Coffee!” 6 “No-Caffeine” Tips To MASSIVELY Boost Your Energy…

By Shelby Talcott

October 8, 2020

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Naturally Boost Your Energy With These 6 Tips… 

“Like Getting Hit By Lightning While Guzzling Coffee!” 6 “No-Caffeine” Tips To MASSIVELY Boost Your Energy…

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Do you ever just feel… well… totally exhausted?

Sometimes I think I’m doing everything right… but then I wake up and I just feel burned out! Plus, like you, my schedule is just also busy.

I never feel like I have enough time… and so it’s really important for me to control as much as I can to be able to get the most energy from myself every single day.

Is this lack of energy just something you have to live with? The good (and easy) answer is no.

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There are a lot of really great and healthy ways to boost your energy. Whether you’re looking to have more time running around with your kids or grandkids… doing more outdoor activities… or are just looking to be able to get more done with your day… there are ways to help!

Let’s dive right in.

“Like Getting Hit By Lightning While Guzzling Coffee!” 6 “No-Caffeine” Tips To MASSIVELY Boost Your Energy…

1) Sleep More.

One big way you can get more energy is by sleeping more. Did you know that there are A LOT of people who struggle with sleeping?

Estimations suggest the numbers are around 20-30% of the general population! So, you’re certainly not alone if sleeping is an issue.

On average, you should try to get around 7 hours of sleep. This can change depending on the person… but try for at least 7!

If you struggle to get to sleep, there are ways to help this issue too. Try taking a nice, warm bath before bedtime or drinking some hot tea.

Also, don’t watch TV or look at a computer screen (or, yes, your phone) right before bed. The lights from these may affect your sleep, according to studies like this one.

2) Decrease Your Sugar Intake.

It may also be helpful to decrease how much added sugar you consume every day. The good thing about this (like a lot of other things I’m going to mention today)… is that it is good for a lot more than just boosting your energy!

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Added sugar may help your energy in the short-term… but then you will crash! This sort of roller coaster of energy can even result in you being more tired after the effects wear off.

Try to substitute the added sugar options with foods that have more fiber (like certain whole foods!).

“Like Getting Hit By Lightning While Guzzling Coffee!” 6 “No-Caffeine” Tips To MASSIVELY Boost Your Energy…

3) Drink More Water.

What’s next on the list? This one is easy, and probably necessary for most of us: Drink more water!

I like to drink water during the day to make sure I’m always staying hydrated. It’s hard to play catch up at the end of the day… plus consistent hydration can help with how your brain functions… and, yes, how much energy you have!

4) Be Social.

Now, here is one that might seem a little out of the box. However, when you think about it, it makes sense!

It’s really important that you are getting out there and socializing. Ugh! I know.

A lot of times, all I want to do is hang out by myself (okay, maybe with my dog, too). Keeping yourself out of social situations can affect your energy levels, though… according to this study.

The impact of social isolation can particularly affect you as you get older.

Another study found that socializing may help with both physical and mental health… especially when you start getting older.

This makes a lot of sense to me because socializing allows you to work your body, mind… well, everything! Also, sometimes I have found that my low energy is partially due to my mood.

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If you have ever felt the same, maybe make sure that the social calendar is filled up! It’s always good to spend some time with friends and family.

“Like Getting Hit By Lightning While Guzzling Coffee!” 6 “No-Caffeine” Tips To MASSIVELY Boost Your Energy…

5) Manage Your Stress Levels.

Speaking of how your mental health can affect your energy levels… what about stress?

Stress can take up A LOT of energy. I know there have been days where I’m incredibly stressed and just feel exhausted.

The solution here may be a little tougher than something like “drink more water.” But, like everything, it’s totally attainable!

Sometimes speaking to someone about stress levels can help a ton. I am also a big fan of meditation and other exercises (like yoga) that are designed to force your brain to just relax.

Another easy tip is to organize your time so that there is always a free period. Make sure you’re not overworking!

This is a huge reason for low energy levels. Your body is working hard every single day, but you have to make sure it is able to!

Think of it like a car. All of our cars need some tune-ups and check-ups at some point, right? 

Well, your body does too. Allow yourself to regroup and recharge! It’s necessary.

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Overall, while things like caffeine can help with energy levels, it’s really important to know that there are a TON of natural ways to boost them. It’s important not to rely on products (yes, like caffeine!) to get us energy.

The healthiest ways to boost your energy are all natural… and they have way more benefits to your body than just helping your energy levels! Try out these tricks next time you feel totally exhausted.

And give it time! You’ll be back to your energetic self in no time.

“Like Getting Hit By Lightning While Guzzling Coffee!” 6 “No-Caffeine” Tips To MASSIVELY Boost Your Energy…

6) Take A Probiotic.

If you’ve heard of probiotics before, you might be thinking, “How can a probiotic help my energy levels? Probiotics are supposed to help your gut health.”

And yes, probiotics ARE aimed at improving your gut health…

But the truth is that when your gut is healthy… you’ll see SO many benefits beyond your gut itself.

And one of those benefits is increased energy!

That’s because when your gut has what it needs (aka probiotics)… it functions better and affects almost all of the other systems in your body.

When your gut is in optimal health, your body will absorb more nutrients from the food you eat… which will give you more energy…

You’ll have better quality sleep and a better regulated sleep cycle… which will give you more energy… 

Your blood sugar levels won’t swing so wildly up & down… which will give you more energy…

And (most importantly) you’ll burn off pounds and pounds of sluggish fat… which—you guessed it!—will give you more energy.

Unfortunately, not all probiotic supplements are created equal… so you’ll want to be sure you get one with probiotic strains that have been scientifically proven to boost your energy and benefit your body.

Personally, I trust just one probiotic supplement on the market right now: Floraspring.

It was formulated with the help of a medical doctor who has spent years learning about probiotics and their benefits… and this probiotic was actually developed as a weight loss supplement.

But THOUSANDS of happy customers say it also boosts their energy… reduces bloating… improves digestion… and lots of other great benefits!

So if you want to try it for yourself… and see how a high-quality probiotic can give you the energy boost you need… click here:

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