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Is Breakfast REALLY “The Most Important Meal of the Day?” Nutrition Coach Reveals the Controversial Truth…

By Tara Powers

October 20, 2020

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Nutrition Coach Answers The Question “Is Breakfast Important?”.

Is Breakfast REALLY “The Most Important Meal of the Day?” Nutrition Coach Reveals the Controversial Truth...

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We’ve all heard that corny saying: ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

But how much truth is there to this old saying? 

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Hey there, it’s Tara. As a certified nutrition coach I’m here to answer all of your nutrition related questions

Today I’m going to answer the question:

“Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?”

What You Should Really Know About Breakfast

The answer is absolutely! 

Breakfast is extremely important! 

It’s super important once you wake up to have a glass of water and a small nutritious meal. 

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It’s beneficial to have a small nutritious meal because this will immediately jumpstart your metabolism. 

The earlier you get your metabolism running, the more calories you’re going to burn throughout the day and the faster you’re going to lose weight. 

Is Breakfast REALLY “The Most Important Meal of the Day?” Nutrition Coach Reveals the Controversial Truth...

The Breakfast Food To Burn Fat All Day Long

I know how tough it can be to eat breakfast every day!

(I definitely used to skip it altogether during busier days eek!) 

But it really is the best way to wake up your metabolism at the beginning of the day and start burning calories without much effort.

That begs one very important question though:

What should you actually eat first thing in the morning? 

Are there foods that can help you burn more fat than others? 

There is one specific kind of (delicious) food that has been scientifically proven to help melt off pounds throughout the day. 

And the best part is that this food isn’t something that’s difficult to swallow (cough*kale*cough)

Drumroll please…

The food that can boost fat burning (even in those trouble areas) is….


(Yes! I know–it’s like a dream in the best possible way!)

In fact, there are 3 specific kinds of cheeses that contain strains of bacteria that are pros at burning off fat. 

You don’t have to go to fancy cheese shops with “fromage” in the name to get all of these cheeses, either.

In fact… you can find them all at your local grocery store… and many are very “breakfast friendly.”

So they turn eating breakfast from a time-consuming chore… to something you look forward to every day.

For example… just scramble up a couple of eggs and sprinkle this kind of shredded cheese on top… and you have a healthy breakfast in about 5 minutes that tastes really great!

That’s just one of the things you can do with cheese at breakfast that can really boost your metabolism at the start of the day…

However… there is a small catch:

The trick is making sure you get these 3 specific kinds of cheeses. Other kinds of cheeses can actually make you gain weight pretty quickly… and will turn breakfast into one of the unhealthiest meals of the day in short order.

So click here now to dIscover the specific cheeses that have been proven to help you melt away pounds all day long..

Tara Powers

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