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[New Study] THIS Diet Helps Balance Women’s Hormones

By Alexa Sooter

January 6, 2022

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Research Reveals That The Keto Diet Can Help You If You Suffer From Hormone Imbalances…

[New Study] THIS Diet Helps Balance Women’s Hormones

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The keto diet started as a medical plan. It was meant to reduce epilepsy symptoms in children afflicted with the condition.

But since its introduction in the early 20th century, multiple studies have found far-reaching impacts. Among those impacts are improved insulin responses and changes in hormone levels, particularly among people who already deal with hormone imbalances.

Most of the current studies on the way keto affects our hormones are focused on people with PCOS and other similar endocrine imbalances. And the results are promising.

But if you are going through hormonal changes like menopause, there is evidence that keto can help you manage your symptoms as well.

[New Study] THIS Diet Helps Balance Women’s Hormones

A Word Of Caution About Keto

Keto does, in fact, help balance hormone levels in people with naturally occurring imbalances.

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But if you already have a relatively even hormone balance, keto might create an imbalance. Some people find that a keto diet increases their level of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

When your cortisol goes up, your risk of weight gain increases. This effect is usually seen in those who follow extremely strict keto diets for long periods of time.

It may be more tied to the pressure these people feel to maintain their diet than to the diet itself. However, it is something to be aware of before you decide to take the keto plunge.

Improved Insulin Performance

Even if you are among those in whom keto causes an increased level of cortisol, you may find that the benefits outweigh this drawback. One of the diet’s biggest benefits is that it improves the way your body uses insulin

This is great news if you’re diabetic… or if you’ve gone through menopause, since post-menopausal women often suffer from insulin resistance.

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Because sugars break down into carbs, a ketogenic diet cuts most sugars from your daily menu. Over time, this improves your insulin sensitivity since your body gets a “sugar break.”

People in menopause often find their sugar levels climbing too high. And if you have PCOS, you are likely vulnerable to insulin resistance as well, courtesy of your hormone imbalance.

The “sugar break” offered by a ketogenic diet can help you maintain control of your blood sugar—whether you’re menopausal or live with PCOS. And the better you control your blood sugar, the less likely you are to experience health problems associated with insulin resistance.

[New Study] THIS Diet Helps Balance Women’s Hormones

Cortisol Reduction

Although the warning earlier in this article was clear that some people experience an increase in cortisol while on the ketogenic diet… some people actually find that their cortisol levels drop.

This is most likely because cortisol causes you to store fat. And when you enter ketosis, your body begins to burn your fat stores for energy. 

As you burn off your excess stored fat, your body begins to purge the cortisol that governed the now-burned fat. After enough time has passed, this returns your cortisol levels to something like normal.

In the right amounts, cortisol acts as a natural anti-inflammatory chemical that may even reduce bloating and other types of inflammation. This is especially helpful if you suffer from arthritis.

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But when you enter menopause—or if you’re suffering from PCOS—your body is already prone to weight gain. This is a natural part of growing older, since your body doesn’t process food or burn energy as effectively.

And, if you have PCOS, your body wants to store carbs as fat. This is because it misreads the “blueprints” of how it’s supposed to function.

When you add these factors to a high cortisol level, you have an unfortunately effective recipe for gaining weight. The keto diet—if you’re one of the people who experience a cortisol reduction—can sidestep that issue.

And, as an added bonus, people with PCOS also sidestep most refined carbs as well!

[New Study] THIS Diet Helps Balance Women’s Hormones

The Takeaway

It might seem like the keto diet wouldn’t have a massive effect on your hormones. Adjusting your cortisol levels and insulin responses are only two changes, after all.

But highs and lows in your insulin levels will lead to mood swings. And if they happen often enough, they can leave you exhausted and even more irritable.

So while it may be “only” two hormone changes… these changes can lead to big results in how you feel every day.

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Keto is not an easy diet to adopt, and it will usually lead to massive long-term changes in your eating habits. But if you’re dealing with a hormone imbalance, it may be just the thing you need to find equilibrium.

That makes it more than worth the effort.

One Other Way The Keto Diet Helps Regulate Your Hormones…

Has to do with how it affects your gut.

You may have heard about “leaky gut” or other pretty disgusting conditions resulting from bad bacteria colonizing your intestines

Well, here’s something that I definitely did not know until recently:

Most leaky gut is caused by eating certain “inflammatory” foods that are in EVERYONE’s diet these days in the West.

(Think heavy breads… pastas… oils… sugars… sweeteners… etc.—the foods that the keto diet typically cuts out).

I mean, we always knew that these foods were “bad for you” in some sense… but we had no idea just how bad for you they are!

For example… when introduced into your gut… many of these “inflammatory foods” have a profound impact on your estrogen levels… and how the hormone is synthesized in your body.

That means that by eliminating these foods from your diet entirely… you can do a BUNCH of good for your gut AND your hormone levels!

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