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5 “Killer Keto Mistakes” That Most People Don’t Realize They’re Making

By Alexa Sooter

June 3, 2021

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Avoid These 5 Common Keto Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Weight Loss

5 “Killer Keto Mistakes” That Most People Don’t Realize They’re Making

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Keto is everywhere these days. The diet started as a treatment for epilepsy and has since grown into a global trend. You or someone you know might already follow a ketogenic diet.

And, hard as you try, you might have already fallen into one of the five biggest mistakes people make with keto.

There are plenty of mistakes you can make with a ketogenic diet. But after hours of research, these are the top five I could nail down.

And, as someone who has given the diet a try, I know how easy it is to fall into one of these habits. Or, in my case, most of them!

It’s easy to make these mistakes, but it’s just as easy to fix them. You might have to change your meal plans or shift your schedule a little bit. But with each solution, we get a little closer to our goals.

5 “Killer Keto Mistakes” That Most People Don’t Realize They’re Making

Mistake #1: Not Getting Enough Sleep

I wanted to start with the easiest mistake to make and the hardest to fix. It’s no secret that most people are tired. Either we’re not getting enough sleep or we’re not getting good sleep.

And this causes a whole lot of problems. The biggest problem, for those on a keto diet, is that a lack of sleep increases our craving for sugar.

Sugars and carbs in general prevent us from entering ketosis. And ketosis is the whole point of a ketogenic diet.

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Ketosis is what happens when our bodies use fat instead of carbs for fuel. Our bodies naturally use carbs for energy. It’s part of why carb cravings are so common. But keto diets reduce our carb intake until our bodies switch to the back-up energy source: fat. 

To reach and maintain ketosis which is how we burn fat on keto diets we have to keep our carb intake low. But sleep deprivation causes cravings that makes it hard to skip on carb-heavy foods.

On top of that, sleep deprivation makes it harder for us to resist temptations in general. So while we might not indulge in a bag of Skittles, we’re more likely to eat those mashed potatoes instead of opting for a lower-carb option.

The Solution

The obvious solution is to get more sleep. But, as most of us know, this is easier said than done.

We might work long hours or have little ones that keep us busy during the day. This means that night time is our only time to get things done.

But, especially for people on a ketogenic diet, sleep needs to be a priority. 

Certain “life hacks” can save time in one place so we can spend more time sleeping. Laying out our clothes and prepping extra food at dinner to take for the next day’s lunch are two classic examples.

We can also create habits and routines so that certain things (finding our keys, getting out the door, etc.) are done almost by muscle memory. 

These sorts of routines make us faster over time and reserve our willpower for when we need it most… like turning off the next episode of our Netflix binge and going to bed.

Mistake #2: Too Much Dairy

Going keto means that we have to cut out a lot of foods. Dairy, thankfully, is not a category that we have to cut.

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Cheese, butter, milk, and yogurt are all great ways to get protein and fat into our diets. And, as a bonus, some dairy products contain healthy bacteria that improve our gut health. It’s the perfect one-two punch for weight loss.

But dairy’s relationship with keto has a dark side. People can go overboard and take in too much dairy. This can lead to a lack of vitamins and nutrients, constipation, and other issues that throw off our weight loss progress. 

As if that weren’t bad enough, dairy allergies are all too common. And, if you’re following a ketogenic diet to combat PCOS, you may find yourself developing a dairy sensitivity over time thanks to the way PCOS affects our gut health.

In these situations, you might have no other option than to cut dairy from your diet. 

The Solution

Some people think it’s impossible to follow a keto diet without dairy. But that’s simply not true!

There are a ton of dairy-free alternatives on the market. Some can be heavy on sugar (I’m looking at you, vanilla soy milk), but others can pack the same low-sugar and high-fat punch that we turn to dairy for.

And, for those with dairy allergies, products like ghee offer the rich taste of butter without the casein protein that triggers most dairy allergies.

We just have to make sure we don’t make new mistakes if we reduce our dairy intake.

Some dairy alternatives, like margarine, are heavy in trans fats. Trans fats are not going to help anyone lose weight and should generally be avoided.

We also have to make sure our dairy-free alternatives aren’t loaded with carbs.

5 “Killer Keto Mistakes” That Most People Don’t Realize They’re Making

Mistake #3: Not Enough Vegetables

A ketogenic diet is no excuse to go vegetable-free. Yes, there are some veggies so carb-heavy that they don’t work with keto. But entirely cutting out plant-based foods will only lead to health problems. 

Avoiding fruits and vegetables means avoiding our best sources of most nutrients. And while we can now get most nutrients in pill form, why should we?

Fruits and vegetables provide the perfect combination of nutrients, fiber, and water. They prevent bloating and ensure we feel fuller for longer. 

Yes, keto has the reputation of being the “meat and cheese” diet. But adding some plants to your plate will cut down on cravings, keep you regular, and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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The Solution

You could just add some canned veggies to your plate and call it a day… but that’s not going to help you in the long run.

A little research goes a long way in solving problems like these. You can look into the vegetarian keto community. They have great information that everyone vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can use. 

In the meantime, try adding some spinach to your Mediterranean chicken. Toss some kale into a beef basil salad. And try to add a little bit of avocado to at least one meal a day.

These are all low-carb vegetables that pack a huge nutrient punch. And, in the case of avocados, they’re also loaded with healthy fats.

Mistake #4: Eating Processed Meat

Sausage is delicious. When it’s spiced correctly, it’s the perfect fatty post-workout food.

But, as Julia Child counseled, all things in moderation.

Processed meats like sausage, pepperoni, and most shelf-stable meat products are loaded with trans fat and sodium. They’ll beat your salt craving, of course.

But they will also make you retain water, which will eventually cause bloating. And, over time, all of that trans fat can lead to heart problems.

Unfortunately, these sort of meats have become a standby for many of us on the keto diet. They’re low-carb and convenient. But, in the end, they could hold us back from reaching our goals.

The Solution

Whole meats are our best option. And by whole meats, I mean full cuts of meat that we cook and portion out ourselves.

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Pepperoni is delicious, but a thick slice of roast beef is just as delicious and fits just as well in a ketogenic diet. It also doesn’t come with the same level of sodium or trans fats. And, as an added bonus, it will probably cost you less per unit.

Switching to whole meats will require a little bit of a time commitment. It’s easy to cook up some sausage or grab pre-packed meat. But we’ll reach our goals much faster if we opt to cook extra whole meats at dinner and eat leftovers instead.

5 “Killer Keto Mistakes” That Most People Don’t Realize They’re Making

Mistake #5: Relying on Processed Foods

Changing your eating habits is never easy. It’s even harder when you’re switching from the diet you grew up with to an eating style as specific as keto. This is why the market is now flooded with grab-and-go keto “convenience” foods.

Unfortunately, convenience comes at a price. Most keto convenience foods are low-carb and high-fat, but they’re also low-nutrient and high-sodium.

So while your macros are balanced, you’re not getting the micronutrients you need to stay healthy.

Relying on convenience food also limits your options. It’s nice to throw a meal bar or frozen dinner in your bag on busy days… but when it’s time to cook or dine out, you won’t know what foods fit your new eating habits.

The Solution

When I say convenience foods, I’m talking about the shelf-stable or frozen stuff at the grocery store. There are, thankfully, keto-approved snacks that you can make at home and pack for portability. These snacks will keep you in ketosis and on track for your goals.

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Meals, on the other hand, are a little trickier. The only way to avoid the convenience food trap is to do your research.

A little reading on the best keto-friendly foods goes a long way. You’ll be able to pick and choose off of your favorite restaurant’s menu or at the grocery store. You won’t be limited to pre-made food or the same high-fat foods every time.

You Can Do This

Keto isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. But, for many of us, it is well worth the effort. And though these mistakes are easy to make, most of them are also easy to correct.

When it comes to keto, research and planning are your best friends. They’re the surest ways to avoid major mistakes. And they make it easy to follow your keto journey, no matter where you’re eating.


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