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Weight Loss After 40 Is EASY When You Do This

By Shelby Talcott

March 24, 2022

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How To Lose Weight In Your 40s…

Weight Loss After 40 Is EASY When You Do This

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As you get older, not only do *you* change as a person, but your body changes, too.

Unfortunately, your body is ALWAYS going to be changing. This kind of stinks, because it means that you are also going to have to keep changing what you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But, here’s the good news…

It’s not that difficult!

Today we’re going to talk about how to lose weight in your 40s. This is a super important post, because a lot of women don’t realize that this is around the age where your body starts to go through some BIG changes.

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What am I talking about? Well for starters, your hormones start to go a little crazy after hitting 40. Hormones are chemical, and they control most of your body.

So, they have their hand in everything from reproduction to telling you how hungry you are.

In your 40s, your body starts reaching menopause… which is when reproductive hormones start to decline. No biggie!

BUT—this is a big reason why your body might start changing.

Additionally, your 40s is when you start to lose lean muscle and your metabolism naturally starts to slow down. Again, this happens to almost everyone!

And, now that you know why you’ve been feeling a little out of whack, we can start to make those changes and get you back to feeling like you’re 22!

So, I know this is what everyone has been waiting for … How do you lose weight in your 40s?!

The good thing is there are some really simple ideas that promote weight loss even with the changes your body goes through around this age.

Weight Loss After 40 Is EASY When You Do This

1) Cut out sugar and processed carbs.

I know, I know. These are the foods you just crave!

But they’re not great for you. And when you go through these massive body changes, loading up on sugar and processed carbs is only going to make it more difficult to lose weight.

Cutting this out of your diet as much as possible will help shed a few quick pounds.

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(Note: you can still each certain carbs! But, make sure they are good carbs, like unrefined whole grains, nuts, and non-starchy vegetables. Yum!)

2) Make breakfast your big meal of the day.

This study showed that women who ate most of their calories early in the day lost over twice the amount of weight as those who had most of their calories as the day went on.

While you’re eating a bigger breakfast, throw in some eggs. This study indicates that people who had eggs for breakfast saw a far bigger drop in their body mass index… and a bigger decrease in their waist width than those who didn’t!

Sounds like an easy plan to me.

Weight Loss After 40 Is EASY When You Do This

3) Drink more water (and cut out the soda!).

Try to aim for two glasses of water per meal. Drinking water has been shown to aid in weight loss, and it’s important that your body gets the right amount of water every day.

If you aim for two glasses per meal, it equals out to six per day, which is the recommended amount for women. Even though this seems like a lot, spacing it out throughout the day makes it a lot easier to accomplish!

4) Get your chocolate fix with dark chocolate.

It’s always important to indulge… and I have always said that it’s not healthy to NEVER eat something a little sweet. Of course, it’s all about moderation.

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If you have a sweet tooth, switch over to dark chocolate for the moments where you need to indulge yourself. Cocoa has a lot of polyphenols, which has been shown to reduce inflammation.

This could help reduce a person’s propensity to be overweight—and, as an added bonus, it’s a healthier option for sweets than milk chocolate!

Weight Loss After 40 Is EASY When You Do This

5) Add probiotics into your meals.

Yum! Probiotics. (I know, we talk about it a lot on here!)

But that’s just because they’re so important! Probiotics are live microorganisms, and healthy ones can improve your gut.

This study found that adding probiotics into your diet can reduce weight gain. A probiotic-filled diet can help flatten out your stomach, too.

Try eating things like kombucha, yogurt, kimchi (one of my favorites), and sauerkraut!


There are a ton of small changes you can make in your diet to help with weight loss in your 40s. It can be frustrating to see your body continue to change, but the good news is that there is always a solution.

Try these tips above and start your journey to being a healthy, happier version of yourself! Just remember, change takes time.

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So, don’t get frustrated if that weight loss journey is slower than your friend’s, or if you plateau at some point.

If you keep doing the right things, the weight loss WILL come! It doesn’t really matter what age you are—there are ALWAYS ways to live a healthy lifestyle and shed the unwanted pounds.

How To Make Sure You Get The Right Probiotics To Boost Your Fat Loss

Eating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha can go a long way in boosting your gut health.

And yes, studies have shown that probiotics can help you lose weight… so add that to the list of probiotic benefits!

However, did you know that only certain strains of probiotics have been linked to weight loss?

(And even worse, other probiotic strains can even lead to weight GAIN??)

So, when you eat probiotic-rich foods… you don’t exactly know which strains you’re getting.

You might luck out and get the probiotic strains that DO help you lose weight… or you might be getting strains that don’t do anything for your weight at all…

And worst case scenario? You’re eating probiotics that could make you pack on even more pounds!

That’s why it’s so important to know which probiotic strains you’re getting. The only way to do that (unless you have a science lab in your home) is to choose a probiotic supplement that contains the specific probiotic strains proven to aid weight loss.

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