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4 Easy Ways To Lose Weight After 70

By Shelby Talcott

March 5, 2020

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How To Lose Weight In Your 70s

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Just because you are getting a little older age-wise… doesn’t mean that you can’t still continue to improve your life!

As you age, your body continues to change. Some of these changes can be a little more irritating than others – like, for example, gaining a few pounds and struggling more to get it off!

But, is it impossible?

Of course not! Losing weight is possible at ANY age, even in your 70s.

First, let’s briefly talk about why it can be harder for us to lose weight as you get older. One of the BIG factors here is metabolism.

Maybe you remember being a teenager…good times, right? It’s almost like you could eat whatever you wanted, and the consequences were often VERY small. Why?

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Well, part of this is because your metabolism was so good! Unfortunately, as you age, so does your metabolism.

It is believed that for every decade after 40, your metabolism slows by about 5%. This makes a difference – just think about it!

Now that you’re in your 70s, it’s unrealistic to rely on your body being able to process and digest food super quickly. The body is different now, just as you are different from when you were in your 20s.

The big thing to remember is that just because your body has changed and perhaps slowed down a little bit… doesn’t mean that you can’t take charge of your life and make it better. 

There are still tons of ways women can effectively lose weight in their 70s. Here are some easy tips to get you started!

1) Portion control.

This is a big one, and can be super easy.

As you age, your body is going to perhaps pack on a few pounds. Maybe it’s around retirement time, too… so life has become a little more sedentary.

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One easy way to lose weight is to be aware of HOW MUCH you are eating. As you age, you typically begin to need less calories.

So, by being aware of how many calories you are eating and how much of certain foods you are consuming, it can help you lose weight.

One easy way to practice portion control is by putting your meals on a smaller plate. This sort of tricks the mind because the plate still looks full. But, it’s effective because you often only need that amount to feel healthy and full, anyway!

2) Eat out less.

One great thing about being retired is the freedom. You’ve spent so much of your life running around and cooking and budgeting… now, look at all of the time!

Often, people begin to eat out a lot more as they age. This could be for a variety of reasons. 

Maybe there are a ton of restaurants you just haven’t had the time to try before, or maybe you are just sort of over having to cook every day. While eating out is completely fun, and I recommend doing it on occasion, you should still aim to cook a lot.

Here’s why: 

When you eat out, you often don’t know exactly what is in the food.

What did they cook it with? How many calories is this? Is this the correct portion? (I could go on for days!)

Eating in and cooking for yourself eliminates all of these questions (which are super important to know the answers to when you are trying to lose weight).

If you are bored of cooking… feel a little miserable when you do it… or whatever the reason may be… there are still ways to have fun!

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Try getting your girlfriends together and doing a few cooking sessions at someone’s house. This way, you get new recipes, still get to socialize, but also know exactly what you’re eating! 

Cooking more will force you to be accountable and definitely help shed some pounds.

3) Eat proteins and cut out fatty foods.

Our bodies loooove the fatty foods when we get older. By love, I mean that they’re likely to keep them close (in the form of extra pounds).

But, as you probably know, fatty foods are not only bad for weight loss, but can have other negative side effects on your health as well. These include high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Try to add more lean protein to your diet and start loving fruits again. Foods like this will give you the energy needed to go about your day and exercise… but won’t have that negative effect that fatty foods can have as you get older.

Being more aware of what, exactly, you are eating will have a huge effect very quickly in terms of weight loss.

So, there are, of course, tons of other ways to lose weight in your 70s. Make sure you are living a complete, healthy lifestyle by getting some exercise… even if it’s something as simple as walking the dog for a little bit longer every day… or taking that yoga class you have always considered.

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Coupled with a healthy diet and being aware of how you eat in social settings, it’s easy to lose weight in your 70s! Nothing is impossible, and the benefits of weight loss for this age group is huge.

Losing weight in your 70s can help lower inflammation, increase mobility, lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke, decrease the risk of diabetes … I mean, if I were to list all of the benefits, we would probably be here all day.

The bottom line is that weight loss in your 70s is possible, it doesn’t have to be hard, and it can be a lot of fun! It’s time to give back to yourself after years of working and helping others – losing weight and embracing a healthy lifestyle is the way to go!

4) Use a weight loss supplement that’s scientifically proven to work.

Let’s get real: even if you follow all of these tips down to the letter… there’s really no guarantee that you’ll lose weight.

Losing weight is always tricky—especially as you get older. Whether you blame a slowing metabolism… changing hormones… or the inevitable march of time… weight gain seems almost unavoidable in your later years.

However, losing weight in your 70s (or at any other age) doesn’t have to be some mystery that maybe will and maybe won’t happen.

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