August 18


Can’t Lose Weight? This Controversial “Paradox” May Be To Blame…

By Caroline Alcantar

August 18, 2020

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The Body Love Paradox Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss…

Can’t Lose Weight? This Controversial “Paradox” May Be To Blame…

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Hi, everyone! It’s Caroline here.

This week I have a super interesting video for you where I interview an empowered eating coach, Lisa.

Lisa and I talk about one of the things that almost all of us have had to deal with at some point or another: hitting a weight loss plateau.

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You know when you get to a point where it seems like no matter what you do… what strict diet you follow… how many times a week (or a day!) you go to the gym… you just AREN’T losing weight anymore?

That’s exactly what we’re talking about.

Or if you can’t even seem to get started on losing weight in the first place—that’s included, too!

It turns out that the issue ISN’T which diet you’re on… or which exercise routine you stick to… or which foods you completely eliminate from your kitchen.

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According to what Lisa says (and it makes a lot of sense to me!)… it’s actually all about this controversial paradox.

Once you take care of this paradox… and get your own thinking sorted out where it’s concerned… everything falls into place, and your weight really takes off!

Lisa herself is going to tell you all about it (and how to fix it) in this short video interview:

In this video, we discuss this controversial paradox that could be sabotaging your weight loss and more, including…

  • Why what you think about your body actually makes a difference in weight loss
  • How your body reacts to what you think about it
  • How your nervous system can contribute to weight loss or weight gain
  • How to shift your thinking into a place that allows for weight loss
  • Why a goal of reaching a healthy weight is more productive than a goal of being a certain size

Even though I’ve been learning about weight loss and health for YEARS now… this video with Lisa honestly blew my mind!

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I know you’ll find it to be super powerful, empowering, and valuable, too.

And as you use her advice to move into a space where you can worry less about weight loss… here’s something else you should worry less about, too…

Worry Less… Eat More Carbs… Lose MORE Weight…

One of the best ways I know to get out of “fight or flight”?

Don’t be too “diet crazy.”

You don’t need to weigh everything you eat on a scale… 

…You don’t need to punch everything into a calorie calculator app on your phone… 

…and you really don’t need to do any kind of expensive genetic testing to see “what kind of diet you should eat”…

All of these things don’t really help you lose weight… and they do help you do one thing:

Worry a whole lot more.

Instead of constantly worrying if some peas are going to put you over your allotted carbs for the day…

Let science be your friend… and take the worry out of eating your favorite foods.

For example… did you know that eating a lot of a specific type of food before eating carbs actually makes carbs a “fat-burning food”?

It’s true… and it’s based on cutting-edge research from an Ivy League doctor.

Once you know this secret… you’ll be able to enjoy all the bread… pasta… pizza… and pastries you want without guilt.

And once that happens… you’ll notice the pounds melt right off… since you’ll be worrying a lot less about what you eat… and much happier and healthier as a result.

To see this cutting edge research from this Ivy League doctor… and what to eat MORE of before eating carbs to lose more weight…

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