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Eat Your Way To Alzheimer’s Protection

By Henry Giardina

November 18, 2021

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A New Study Shows That THIS Diet Could Lower Your Risk For Alzheimer’s…

Eat Your Way To Alzheimer’s Protection

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Adults and children who are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease may have reason to rejoice, thanks to a new study put out by the Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina.

According to the recent survey, diets that don’t prioritize gut health have a lower chance of fighting against and counteracting early signs of Alzheimer’s and MCI, or Mild Cognitive Impairment. Diets that encourage a healthy gut microbiome, however, such as the keto and Mediterranean diets, saw reduced markers of the disease.

This sounds like big news, but what exactly does it mean for dieters with a family history of Alzheimer’s or MCI?

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Though these results are only preliminary, there’s good reason to believe that choosing a modified Mediterranean-Keto diet could help with cognitive clarity and protect dieters against early Alzheimer’s signs and symptoms.

If you’re thinking of switching diets and have a history of cognitive impairment or degeneration in your family, here are a few simple dieting choices to consider.

Eat Your Way To Alzheimer’s Protection

1) Go Keto

The keto diet craze has been around for some time now, but the health benefits of this lifestyle make it much more than a passing fad.

With the ketogenic diet, a combination of intermittent fasting… low carb intake… and frequent, varied sources of protein help dieters drop extra weight. The diet may also help prevent the early signs of heart disease and keep other illnesses like type 1 diabetes at bay.

Because keto encourages dieters to stay away from carcinogen-packed proteins like processed meats and empty carbs like white bread and rice, it can help with mental acuity and cognition as well. This is where the Alzheimer’s connection comes in.

Because keto is famously great for gut health, sticking to the low-carb diet could help you keep a healthy gut microbiome. This can help help you avoid the kind of mental impairment and memory loss that serve as early signs of Alzheimer’s. 

2) Become A Pescatarian

Before you get too sold on keto, however, it’s important to note that the diet is meant to be a short-term solution, not a full-time practice. Luckily, however, keto isn’t the only diet out there that promises sharpened cognition and steady weight loss.

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If your diet is lacking in protein, you don’t have to look too far for great options that don’t involve downing a greasy Big Mac.

If you find yourself eating a lot of red meat, try switching to fish for a while and see how you feel. Fish like salmon, tuna, and cod can provide a fantastic source of protein. They also offer health-boosting omega-3 fatty acids that can help give your gut microbiome what it’s lacking.

Eat Your Way To Alzheimer’s Protection

3) Swap Out Paleo For A Mediterranean Diet

You might assume that our forefathers had the right idea when it came to eating… mostly protein, with not a lot of carbs and, by necessity, zero processed foods.

However, when it comes to the paleo diet, you might not experience the same results as a more balanced option such as the Mediterranean diet. Named after its forefathers… the Greek, Italian, and island cultures that have historically based their diet on what’s handy (i.e., fish, olives, and green vegetables)… the Mediterranean diet provides a healthy, balanced way of eating that isn’t as restrictive as keto or paleo.

The Mediterranean diet prioritizes “good” fats from avocado, fish, and olive oil over saturated fats and processed foods.

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It is also a great option for folks who don’t want to limit themselves. You can make many of the same delicious, protein-rich meals you’re already making for yourself by simply substituting fish for meat and leafy, dark greens for root vegetables and starchy sides.

Still hungry afterward? No worries.

Try subbing out a baked sweet potato for your morning toast or switch from pasta to alternative, veggie-based noodles such as “zoodles” for the same filling feel without all the carbs. Just try to avoid buying store-bought veggie noodles if you’re a stickler for freshness.

In the study conducted by the Wake Forest School of Medicine, participants ate a “modified Mediterranean-Keto diet.” This means a combination of these two popular diets.

According to this study, you may see the best results for your gut and your mind if you eat a high-fat diet (as prescribed by the keto diet)… but add in more carbs (as prescribed by the Mediterranean diet). This gives you more room to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some healthy whole grains.

4) Limit Sugars & Refined Carbs

This might go without saying, but for many of us, it bears repeating: added sugars and carbs are the enemy when it comes to a healthy gut microbiome.

While the kind of sugar that’s found in fruit and vegetables is essential for a balanced diet, it’s important to keep an eye out for any added sugars lurking where you wouldn’t expect them. They are often found hidden in foods such as cereals, granola, and even sliced meats.

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Since processed meats, cheeses, and added sugars can end up causing a lot of health problems, they’re best avoided at all costs… especially since you can never really know what’s going into heavily processed, preserved foods that are meant to have a long shelf life.

The key to keeping a healthy gut, and thus a healthy mind, is to eat fresh, avoid foods that can cause early cognitive impairment, and exercise regularly.

Another Benefit Of The Delicious Mediterranean-Keto Diet

Who doesn’t love rich Mediterranean food?

Well, science just showed us that the benefits go far beyond happy taste buds.

Scientists were amazed to discover some unintended benefits of following the Mediterranean-keto diet:

Not only does it help protect you from Alzheimer’s Disease, but it will help you lose weight, too!

That’s because in the same way it nurtures good bacteria in your gut to fight against Alzheimer’s…

This diet promotes a certain type of gut bacteria that will help you lose weight.

These gut bacteria do something very different from most of the bacteria in your gut right now:

They break down food… and transform it into energy instead of storing it as fat.

But it’s almost guaranteed that you don’t have much of this bacteria in your body.

And it’s not your fault at all! Between all of the chemicals in our food… drinking water… and the environment that promotes bad gut bacteria… 

…it can often take you a while to get your gut back in proper balance.

That is… unless you want to take this proven shortcut.

A well-known doctor recently identified the 4 best strains of “good” probiotics to repopulate your gut.

Take these every day… and you’ll speed up the process of balancing your fat-burning bacteria…

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Here’s what these 4 strains are… plus where to get them all in one place:

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