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3 Unexpected Health Dangers of THIS Type of “Hidden Fat” – And How to Lose More Fat for Better Health

By Caroline Alcantar

March 4, 2021

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This Type of Fat Holds Many Health Dangers… So Here’s How to Melt Fat Faster & Protect Your Health!

3 Unexpected Health Dangers of THIS Type of “Hidden Fat” – And How to Lose More Fat for Better Health

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Most of us know excess weight isn’t good for our health. What may be news, though, is that quantity isn’t the only concern – where we store our fat matters, too.

Recent studies have connected excess visceral fat (the type of fat tissue stored deep in the abdomen area) to heart disease, along with other chronic health issues.

According to the research, which included over 500,000 participants, when your hip-to-waist ratio goes up – that is, the circumference around the narrowest part of your waist compared to that of your hips – your likelihood of a heart attack goes up with it.

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This means obesity is not the only culprit, and that being a normal weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’re risk-free.

What’s worse – this correlation is even more prominent in women.

3 Unexpected Health Dangers of THIS Type of “Hidden Fat” – And How to Lose More Fat for Better Health

What Makes Belly Fat So Bad?

Visceral fat sits deep in the abdomen and, like other fat, releases hormones. Its proximity to the organs makes this natural chemical release all the more influential.

This is why belly fat has been linked three specific dangers: inflammation, an increase in blood pressure, and a decrease in good cholesterol. All of these make visceral fat a particularly dangerous sort of flub.

According to Dr. Erin Michos of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, even when your BMI falls within the normal range, if your waistline widens, so too will the danger. And if two people have the same BMI, the person who stores more fat in the stomach area is more likely to get heart disease than someone who carries it elsewhere.

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It isn’t just weight or obesity that we need to worry about, then. That common belief is wrong, and being thin does not necessarily mean you’re free to eat whatever you want.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a six-year study that supports this, too. When examining CT scans of visceral fat, they linked pounds gained in this region to an upshot in the participant’s chance of high cholesterol and blood pressure, and an increased danger of heart disease.

3 Unexpected Health Dangers of THIS Type of “Hidden Fat” – And How to Lose More Fat for Better Health

How Can I Lose More Belly Fat?

Don’t worry so much about pounds. Instead, focus on inches. Losing inches in your waistline specifically should decrease your chances of developing heart disease, and might also help you lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Luckily this fat is easier to lose, so small improvements in diet and exercise can do the trick.

The best way to start melting fat is by making healthy changes to your everyday eating habits. Load up on wholesome foods, like veggies and whole grains. Get your protein fill from lean meats that’ll curb cravings without adding excess fat to your diet or expanding your waistline.

Fast food, candy, soda, and almost anything wrapped in plastic with a long and unfamiliar ingredients list should be questioned.

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In particular, focus on limiting alcohol, sugars, and trans fats. These troublesome empty calories hide out in ultra-processed foods and will do nothing for your hunger or health.

Why? Research has linked these foods to weight gain in the belly region, while other studies correlate them to inflammation and insulin resistance – again, main culprits of heart disease. In that sense, these foods are a double no-no, and totally not worth a binge.

3 Unexpected Health Dangers of THIS Type of “Hidden Fat” – And How to Lose More Fat for Better Health

Move More to Melt Fat Faster

While diet should be your first priority, exercise is an excellent assistant to melt fat faster. Your simple rule should be to move more often. Make small adjustments in your day-to-day so you have time to break a sweat here and there and increase your heart rate.

Shoot for moderate to high effort when you can, even if it’s in short spurts. Take the stairs at work and add on an extra flight or two, or park in the farthest spot at the grocery store. Start your morning with a fast stride walk, or fit a sunset jog into your evening routine.

If you benefit from outside motivation, get a friend or family member to commit with you, or join an online group to support your transition. Consider joining a class at a local gym, or a yoga or pilates studio.

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Make a month-long commitment and note how you feel. If the activity brings you happiness and vitality, stick with it. If not, throw something new into the mix.

Take the time to find what you like and incorporate it into your life. Consistency and persistence are important, but these come much more readily when you find joy in what you’re doing.

It’s all about fitting your personality and passion with the right kind of exercise!

Always remember, too, that easy changes are more likely to stick, and the little shifts you make will add up with time. Keep on taking those measurements and be inspired by the results, however small.

The road to wellness isn’t always easy, but it’s important to get back on it after any detours. Your health and longevity will certainly benefit!


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