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5 “Healthy” Foods That Can Give You Love Handles, Bat Wings & Thunder Thighs

By Caroline Alcantar

May 28, 2021

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These Foods Might Sound Healthy… But They Can Make You Really Pack on the Pounds!

5 “Healthy” Foods That Can Give You Love Handles, Bat Wings & Thunder Thighs

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There’s never a shortage of diet fads in the health industry. And while some have major differences between them… one general rule seems to stick – whole and minimally processed foods are optimal and should be consumed often.

There’s plenty of science to back up this claim. Additional evidence continues to demonstrate just how much of a detriment processed foods are to weight loss and general health.

But does that mean that if we cut these foods out and totally embrace a clean diet… we’re free to eat as much as we’d like of “healthy foods,” whenever we want?

Is clean eating alone guaranteed to slim us down and keep us fit?

Unfortunately, the concept of “too much of a good thing” often rings true… and our daily diet is no exception. Excess calories will make you gain weight no matter where they’re coming from.

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And while it’s important to focus on the quality of foods you put into your body, quantity still plays a huge role in weight loss.

Below is a list of well-known “healthy” foods that pack a caloric punch. This means you need to pay particular attention to portion size while eating them, as they add up quickly.

These foods are often great sources of nutrients and minerals, and they provide your body with clean fuel. They’re delicious AND good for you, and should be a part of your diet.

Still, if you overdo it, they will be detrimental to your weight loss.

5 “Healthy” Foods That Can Give You Love Handles, Bat Wings & Thunder Thighs

5 “Healthy” Foods You Might Be Eating Too Much Of

1) Granola:

While simple muesli – think whole oats and chopped nuts – weighs in light… pre-packaged granola often contains a heavy helping of added sugars and fats.

The common serving size is a meager quarter cup, too. If you’re pouring yourself a bowl of granola every morning, you’re likely taking in more calories than a full breakfast with eggs and toast.

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2) Yogurt:

Similar to its buddy granola, yogurt makes a great option when kept plain and simple. But its simplicity also makes it easy to turn into a calorically dense mound.

Many store options build the parfait for you – with dessert levels of sugar in the form of added sweeteners. These quickly override yogurt’s natural benefits of protein and probiotics. And, when eaten in large quantities, these yogurts might as well be ice cream.

3) Fruit:

Gone are the days when fresh fruit reigned supreme. You can now get it dried, dehydrated, as jam, in a syrup bottle, or shaped like your favorite animal in a snack pack.

Regardless of which way you consume it, most fruits have a lot of natural sugar even when raw, and the calories add up.

Opt for fresh, and avoid overdoing dried fruit, which is the easiest to overeat. It’s often coated in sugar and has less water and fiber content than the fresh stuff. So, you’ll crave more and get full less quickly.

4) Avocado:

This trendy fruit deserves its own segment. Often deemed a superfood, avocados are an excellent substitute for less nutritious or unnatural spreads and fats. They also have low sugar content.

But avocados make up for it in fat. And there’s no getting around the fact that one medium-sized avocado packs in a whopping 250 calories. Cut out a small slice and put the rest in the fridge.

5) Nuts and seeds:

While these natural snacks carry necessary vitamins and minerals, like magnesium and vitamin E… it’s easy to eat heaps before your belly gets a chance to feel full.

And when a small handful adds 200 calories to your tank, multiple fistfuls get dangerous. Avoid taking the whole jar with you, and instead, pack a portion size.

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The above foods are all healthy and delicious. They’re great sources of nutrients and minerals, and can provide your body clean fuel. But, as with anything yummy and fun to eat… there’s danger in letting go of portion awareness.

The reality is there’s no magic, calorie-less food. Celery’s close, but aside from water, everything we consume contains energy. We either burn this energy off or store it on our body as excess weight.

And while it may be easier to unintentionally consume more calories with highly processed foods, it is still very possible to gain weight while eating the healthy stuff.

5 “Healthy” Foods That Can Give You Love Handles, Bat Wings & Thunder Thighs

How to Avoid Overeating Healthy Foods

To avoid overeating, try to sit down for each meal. Start it off with a full glass of water. Allow yourself at least twenty minutes to enjoy the process. And give your body a moment to digest before you go for seconds.

Eating mindfully – that is, slowly, with close attention to the taste, texture, and flavors of the food – will also help you recognize when your body is satisfied.

Consider keeping a food journal to record what and when you’re eating. Make a note of your emotional state to see if patterns emerge.

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At the end of the day, what matters most is that you have a positive relationship with your food. Don’t beat yourself up when you cheat or enjoy an extra serving size… This emotional response will often spiral into more overeating.

Instead, decide to break the habit with patience and compassion. It’s more likely to become a lifelong practice when it comes from a place of acceptance.


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What to Eat to Lose Weight Instead of Gaining It

So what are some snack foods that you can eat pretty safely that WON’T pack on the pounds?

Here’s an old friend you can always go back to: cheese!

But not just any cheese – after all, most cheeses are secretly loaded with vegetable oils and even hydrogenated oils in some instances.

And if you’re wondering where “cottage cheese thighs” come from?

Yeah, that’s right – hydrogenated oils!

They NEVER leave your body… so those are some of the WORST snacks you can eat.

(Keep an eye out for hydrogenated oils in ingredient lists – because they can end up in more foods than you expect!)

However… these 3 cheeses in particular DO NOT have these harmful additives…

And in fact, they have fat-burning properties that can help you lose weight pretty darned fast.

Here’s what they are and what specifically to look for on the labels to ensure you don’t get hoodwinked:

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