November 3


“The #1 Food That Will Help You Lose Weight (But Only If You Eat It Everyday) ”

By Tara Powers

November 3, 2020

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“The #1 Food That Will Help You Lose Weight (But Only If You Eat It Everyday) ”

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Hey everyone, Tara here!

Have you ever wondered the single best food that can help you lose weight?

All healthy weight loss foods are actually not created equal.

There is actually a very specific kind of food that has been proven time and time again to be the most effective.

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You can see more fat burning food tips and the full transcription below.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Tara with Fit Trim Happy and I am a certified nutrition coach and I am here to answer some questions.

Today’s question is about the fact that a lot of diets emphasize the importance of protein. 

Why is protein so important to losing weight?

The most important thing to remember about protein is that it’s a building block of muscle.

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Now the more muscle you have on your body, the higher your metabolism. 

Your metabolism is the engine that drives weight loss so protein is very important. 

On the flip side it’s important to keep your carb intake (especially unhealthy carbs) very low.

“The #1 Food That Will Help You Lose Weight (But Only If You Eat It Everyday) ”

The Protein Packed Food That Can Help You Shed Pounds 

When I think of foods packed with protein I always go to my old school staples:




and Lean Beef… 

Pretty boring but it’s just drilled in my brain that these are the only “healthy diet basics” when it comes to protein. 

But it wasn’t until I discovered this groundbreaking study that I found that cheese (thank goodness and hallelujah!) is also a wonderful protein packed food to include in my diet daily.

Unfortunately it’s not just any kind of cheese: you can’t get that microwavable block or “cheese in a can” and eat it and expect to lose weight…

There are actually 3 specific kinds of cheeses that boost healthy bacteria in your gut that can help your body burn fat. 

These fat burning bacteria are definitely a great way to shed those extra pounds… without exercising or starving yourself.

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Tara Powers

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