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I Tried Floraspring For Myself For One Month… And Here’s What Happened

By Caroline Alcantar

August 31, 2021

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My True Story of the Real Benefits of Floraspring Probiotic Supplement

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Hey, everyone! It’s Caroline here.

If you’ve been reading Fit Trim Happy for any period of time, you know that I’m the editor around here.

That means I do lots of research about health and weight loss… I do lots of writing about health and weight loss… and I’ve read lots of reviews about health and weight loss supplements.

And I love it!

One of the supplements I’ve done a lot of research about… written about… and read reviews about… is Floraspring.

Floraspring is a probiotic supplement that claims to help you slim down… boost your energy… improve your mental clarity… reduce bloating… and more.

And despite all of that research, writing, and reading I’ve done about Floraspring, I had never tried it for myself… until now.

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Yep, I tried Floraspring for myself for 30 days! 

And I’m ready to share with you what I noticed. So without further ado, here’s my review of Floraspring after one month:

Bye-Bye Bloating

I’m putting this one first because it was the biggest change I noticed first when I started taking Floraspring.

Before I began taking Floraspring, I had been bloated. REALLY bloated. The kind of bloating that didn’t go away, no matter how healthy I ate… how much water I drank… how much exercise I did… etc.

Then, when I had been taking Floraspring for a few days… the bloating was just GONE one morning. And it didn’t come back!

Of course, I’m still going to do all those things you’re “supposed” to do to avoid bloating, like avoiding too much sugar or salt… not drinking much soda… being regularly active… and increasing my fiber intake. But I’m so glad to know that Floraspring has my back when it comes to bloating.

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With my bloating problem solved, I feel so much more comfortable! I didn’t realize how much discomfort the bloating was causing until it was resolved.

Plus, my clothes fit better when I’m not constantly bloated!

I Tried Floraspring For Myself For One Month… And Here’s What Happened

Hello, More Energy!

I’m the first to admit that I sometimes don’t have all the energy I want.

To be frank, I’m in a season of life where being tired seems like the norm. I have a young child, so keeping up with her all day while she plays… taking care of her and the rest of my family… plus some late-night wakings with my child… it all adds up to feeling tired, almost all the time.

Sure, I COULD chug caffeine… or try to sneak in a nap every day… but I would much rather have more natural energy!

That’s exactly what Floraspring gave me.

After taking Floraspring consistently for a week or so… I started noticing that my energy levels were higher.

It didn’t take a four-bell alarm to get me out of bed in the morning… I didn’t try to play “mommy bedtime” with my child during her playtime… and I actually looked forward to my daily walk!

And that caffeine I mentioned? I rarely need it anymore! I went from daily caffeine shots to lots of natural energy that makes me feel like I’m up to the task of taking care of my family and my work.

I Tried Floraspring For Myself For One Month… And Here’s What Happened

See Ya Later, Sugar Cravings

If you read some of my other articles or email messages… you know that I have BIG sweet tooth. I’m the kind of girl who wants to finish every meal with “something sweet.”

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I was always sneaking a little piece of chocolate after lunch… baking cookies and brownies just to satisfy my cravings… and stopping at the coffee shop or grocery store for a donut, pastry, or some other sweet treat.

And while that’s definitely a dangerous habit for my waistline… it’s also not good for my health. But what are you supposed to do when you just CRAVE sugar??

That’s why I was so excited when I started noticing my sugar cravings taking a big dive when I began taking Floraspring.

About a week into taking Floraspring every day, I noticed that I wasn’t reaching for my secret sweet stash after every meal. I wasn’t asking my husband if he wanted cookies, ice cream, or brownies for dessert. I wasn’t making extra stops while running errands just to pick up a sugary treat.

Of course, I don’t dislike sugar now or anything. But Floraspring did some big work on curbing my sugar cravings.

Good Riddance, Insatiable Appetite

Okay, so maybe my appetite before Floraspring wasn’t insatiable… but it was pretty darn close. I had recently felt like I was eating more than I should… and more than I would have in the past… yet I was really, truly hungry.

And I don’t know about you, but I hate that feeling of being hungry and trying to fight with yourself about whether you should actually eat more.

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Fortunately, Floraspring helped me out in a big way here! After taking Floraspring consistently for several days, I noticed that I was eating a little less at my meals… and I was actually feeling satiated.

No more going to bed hungry even after eating a second helping of dinner… and no more getting hungry in between my normal meals to the point that I reached for snack after snack.

Floraspring helped bring my appetite back down to normal levels… so now, I can eat a regular serving of my meals and feel good about stopping there.

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When I took Floraspring every day… I noticed big benefits after just a few days.

And a month later? There’s no way I’m quitting!

I’m hooked on the benefits of taking Floraspring—like reduced bloating, increased energy, decreased appetite, and less sugar cravings. 

Are you ready to see what Floraspring can do for YOU?

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