“You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches And Pains All Over Your Body!”

“You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches And Pains All Over Your Body!”

Without Dangerous Prescription Pain Pills… Without Endless Visits to the Doctor… & Without Suffering Any More!

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain in your joints… like your hands, knees, and ankles…

Or if you experience jolts of pain down your back… or if you’ve ever felt “achy” for extended periods of time… like you used to only when you were sick…

There’s good news. A recent scientific study has the potential to change your life.

This study focused on an ancient Indian herb that has the potential to naturally reduce pain and inflammation quickly and easily.

Once you know what this herb is… and if you eat enough of it… it has the potential to melt your chronic pain away…

Just imagine being able to chase your kids (or grandkids) around again pain-free… or finally getting back to your hobbies and long-overdue house projects that had to wait until you had a “good day” with your pain levels…

In just a second… you’re going to see how to make this your new reality:

“You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches And Pains All Over Your Body!”

The Humble “Golden Herb” That Reduces Chronic Inflammation & Pain

A recent study in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology, & Medicine confirmed that one herb in particular had “proven properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, immunostimulant, antiseptic, and antimutagenic.” [1]

This “Golden Herb”?

Is turmeric.

Now granted, the study notes that it’s not turmeric on its own… but rather a compound within turmeric called “curcurmin.”

And it’s curcurmin that has all of the amazing, scientifically-proven health benefits above.

Ancient Indian societies knew about these anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immuno-stimulating properties in turmeric…

(That’s why their food has so much turmeric in it–it’s like eating a broad-spectrum medicine!)

“You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches And Pains All Over Your Body!”

The Unfortunate “Catch” (& How to Get Around It to Get ALL of the Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Turmeric)

However, if you’re thinking there’s a catch… well… there is.

The dosage of curcurmin in many of these scientific studies?

Is 1 gram.

That might not SEEM like a lot… but to eat enough turmeric to get that much curcurmin, you’d have to eat 8 spoonfuls of pure turmeric every day (!!!).

That’s a TON of turmeric!

Now I’m a pretty big fan of Indian food… but even I don’t think I could stomach the taste of all that turmeric.

Not only that… but other studies have shown that curcurmin is only partially absorbed by your body unless you take an additional supplement [2]:

Black pepper piperine. 

When you combine them, you get the full benefits that turmeric has to offer. 

And, get this: black pepper piperine isn’t the only supplement out there that boosts the anti-inflammatory effects of curcurmin.

In fact… there are 7 other key plant-based supplements that combine for mega anti-inflammatory effects in your body!

When taken together… these 7 plant-based supplements have a host of powerful benefits, including:

  • They reduce inflammation (obviously),
  • They are potent antioxidants that reduce damaging free radicals in your body,
  • They help you sleep better, so that your body can naturally repair any damage done by chronic inflammation throughout your body, and
  • They help you lose weight effortlessly as you sleep by rebalancing your gut bacteria and helping you get deep, restful sleep that burns fat.

Until now, you had to buy a bunch of different, expensive pill-based versions of these 7 key supplements to get all of the combined benefits they offer.

And if gagging down a bunch of awful-tasting pills doesn’t sound so good to you… which is understandable… then you’ll be relieved to hear there’s a much better way!

Drew Canole, famous for his absolutely delicious health-boosting smoothies, has blended these 7 key anti-inflammatory supplements into a delicious, nutritious, proprietary anti-inflammatory smoothie you won’t find anywhere else.

Simply drink this delicious smoothie before bed and you’ll notice painful inflammation melting away as you drift off to deep, restful sleep…

…and wake up the next morning lighter than when you went to bed!

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“You Can Get Almost Immediate Relief from Aches And Pains All Over Your Body!”

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