This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead…

This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead...
Doctors have found a “non-medicine” way to make respiratory virus symptoms go away much quicker.

Kick Respiratory Viruses Without Having to Go to the Hospital… Without Getting a Prescription… & Without Worry…

A shocking study out of China is giving new hope to those affected by respiratory viruses.

You know the feeling: you start by getting a cough… maybe a sore throat… body aches and pains…

These days it can be really worrying.

But there’s new hope from an unlikely source… a particular type of bacteria that lives in your body… that was initially only thought to impact things like energy… mood… and losing weight

(Because of this brand-new study, we now know these bacteria can do much, MUCH more for you–like prevent or lessen many of the symptoms of respiratory viruses).

So if you’re worried about catching a respiratory virus this season… want to get better more quickly… or even just want to have more energy and feel better… you’re going to want to see this:

This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead...

Take THIS For 12-Weeks to Kick “Flu-Like Symptoms”…

Doctors in China recently completed a 12-week study using 3 different strains of probiotics to see if they prevented respiratory virus symptoms in patients who were “at risk” of getting frequent respiratory viruses. [1]

The 3 probiotic strains in the study were:

  • Lactobacillus Casei
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei, and
  • Lactobacillus Fermentum

While the research team was expecting to see some respiratory virus preventative benefit from using these 3 probiotics… their findings completely shocked them:

  • 20.9% of patients from the placebo (non-probiotic group) had an influenza-like illness with a body temperature over 100.4 degrees… while only 4.5% of patients from the group given probiotics had an influenza-like illness with a body temperature over 100.4 degrees. [2]
  • 56.7% of patients from the non-probiotic group had some upper respiratory illness symptoms such as cough, stuffy nose, body aches, or headache during the study… while that number was less than 20% in the probiotic group! [3]

  • A full 40% of the non-probiotic group received drugs to treat upper respiratory illness symptoms during the study.. while again only 4.5% of patients in the probiotic group needed drug treatment for upper respiratory illness. [4]

As you can see, taking the three probiotics in the study (lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus paracasei, and lactobacillus fermentum) significantly reduced the incidence and severity of upper respiratory illness. [5]

This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead...

How to Get Rid of Another “Risk Factor” For the Current Coronavirus Pandemic

If that wasn’t enough… there is another huge “risk factor” that is at play in the current COVID-19 panic that few people want to talk about:


Reuters recently ran an article stating that obesity (and its related illnesses, like high blood pressure and diabetes) is the reason New Orleans’s death rate from COVID-19 is much higher even than New York City. [6]

In fact, according to the CDC, 48.3% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in March of 2020 were obese. 49.7% had hypertension (high blood pressure). And 36.1% had chronic metabolic disease. [7]

I’ll be honest: as someone who’s struggled with their weight all their life, reading those stats scares the heck out of me!

I don’t know exactly what is considered “obese”… but with all of the snacks I’m eating right now… and without being able to get out of the house much… 

I’m definitely at risk of putting on the “Quarantine 15” pounds. And that gives me a lot of worry.

Heaven forbid I get the disease… but if I do, will I be able to kick it and get back to my family?

Or are they going to be devastatingly worried about me… watching me being hooked up to a ventilator on video chat… wondering if I’ve seen them in person for the final time?

Sometimes I feel so darned helpless… like there’s nothing I can do… and we’re all kind of at the virus’s mercy…

But then I realized that there was SOMETHING proactive I could do that could possibly help:

This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead...

My “A-Ha!” Moment That Kills Two Birds With One Stone…

My absolute favorite probiotic out there, called FloraSpringhas all three of the respiratory virus-symptom-preventing strains of probiotics from the Chinese study!

This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead...

Not only that… but it was initially developed as a weight-loss probiotic. It has 5 weight-loss “super strains” that are the only strains of probiotics scientifically-proven to help you lose weight, and keep the weight off. [8]

I love it because Dr. Steven Masley, M.D. consulted with the Revival Point team on FloraSpring’s formulation… and personally endorses it.

Dr Masley

(You may have seen Dr. Masley’s hit public television series, 30 Days to a Younger Heart).

So not only does FloraSpring have the apparent respiratory-fighting benefits of the probiotic strains from the China study…

It also is designed to help you passively lose weight, even if you’re stuck inside for a long time (sound like anyone you know?).

That means you can slim down… avoid the “Quarantine 15″… and even potentially reduce your risk of hospitalization (or worse) from coronavirus.

Dr. Masley made a great short, free presentation about FloraSpring and ALL of its great weight loss benefits.

And since you now know it has additional respiratory virus-symptom-fighting benefits too… 

I think it’s the ideal solution to a lot of problems and worry that you and I have right now.

I’d highly recommend Dr. Masley’s free presentation below to learn more about how FloraSpring can help you lose weight passively… and help you avoid one of the biggest risk factors in the current “virus quarantine” environment…

So click the link below to get the FREE presentation right now:

This Controversial Treatment Stops Respiratory Virus Symptoms Dead...

Click Here Now For Your FREE Presentation

P.S. – Remember, not only does FloraSpring help you lose weight… it has the 3 probiotic strains from the China study that help prevent respiratory virus symptoms! And in that study… participants took it for 12 full weeks. So please stock up while you can! If not for your own benefit… then I ask you at least please watch the presentation above for your family’s benefit too!


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