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Floraspring Review: “I Took Floraspring For 4 Weeks & Here’s What Happened…”

By Karyl Trejo

August 24, 2020

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Karyl’s FloraSpring Success Story After 4 Weeks…

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I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect before I started taking FloraSpring. Yes, I knew the health benefits of taking probiotics, but I wasn’t sure how it would actually help me.

After all, I’m already at a healthy weight. I exercise regularly. I eat pretty healthy. (Okay, well, like… most of the time, okay?)

What could a humble probiotic supplement actually do for me? I’m already doing everything I can to stay healthy. Right?

Turns out, it could do quite a lot for me.

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Look, everyone can benefit from a little extra help when it comes to staying healthy. And it’s no secret that probiotics are one of the best things you can take for your health.

I’m just surprised that it worked so well for myself. And at the risk of sounding like I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with FloraSpring… yeah. I’ve fallen in love with FloraSpring.

Floraspring Review: “I Took Floraspring For 4 Weeks & Here’s What Happened…”

No Longer Breaking Out

As someone who has struggled with acne breakouts literally my entire life, I never thought that FloraSpring would actually do anything for my skin.

Well, guess what? I was wrong.

If you asked me what I’ve tried to beat my adult acne, I would have told you that I’ve tried everything. I guess it didn’t even occur to me to try probiotics, though.

Studies have shown that your gut health can affect your skin. An unhappy gut equals an unhappy face.

Even though I’ve thrown tons of creams and medicines at it, my skin was still angry and spotty. It didn’t help that I probably fried my gut with antibiotics, too.

After a month on FloraSpring, my skin is the clearest it’s been in ages. No cysts, no clogged pores, nada.

I’m sorta kicking myself for not trying probiotics for my face sooner! Lesson learned, though. If I want glowing skin, I need to take care of it from the inside out.

Little Miss Sunshine

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

I’ve talked about my struggles with my mental health before. And it’s something I’ve resolved myself to dealing with for the rest of my life.

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Nobody likes to admit they’re struggling with depression and anxiety, but for me? It’s just something I’ve fought an uphill battle with for as long as I could remember.

Now, I’m not giving mental health advice. Probiotics are not a replacement for professional intervention, okay?

But for me? Holy smokes, you guys. I’m a brand-new person. I feel calmer, more relaxed, and more focused.

And those mood swings that tend to tag along for that time of the month? They didn’t even pop up this month. My period actually snuck up on me because I wasn’t feeling sad or down.

While I know that probiotics can’t “cure” me, I also know that the gut-brain axis is a very real thing. And mental health is very much tied in with gut health.

Just for these benefits alone, I’m never going to stop taking FloraSpring.

Floraspring Review: “I Took Floraspring For 4 Weeks & Here’s What Happened…”

I’m Just A Regular Gal

So I’m just going to go right out and say it: before I started taking FloraSpring, I was in the middle of a month-long IBS jag.

If you have IBS, you know how miserable that can be. I was pretty much alternating from having a swollen and painful belly 24/7 to… well, you know what was happening.

I had heard about how probiotics can help with IBS, so that was probably my biggest reason for wanting to try FloraSpring. I was pretty much desperate for relief.

The good news, though? Within the first week, things started to even out for me. (Ahem.) 

Now that I’ve been taking it for a month, though, I can say with confidence. Painful trips to the bathroom are a thing of the past. 

And my stomach has literally never been flatter. My jeans fit better, and I can wear snug shirts without feeling embarrassed about my belly.

While it’s good for my vanity, I could cry tears of relief for not having to deal with the constant pain and misery of my IBS any longer!

A Natural Appetite Suppressant

Did you know that your gut flora actually plays a huge role in your cravings? Yep. It’s true. You can actually train the bacteria in your gut to demand certain foods

Now, this is a two-way street. That means if you eat a steady diet of junk and sugar, your gut will ask for it. And if you eat healthy, your stomach will ask for healthy foods.

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The thing is, sugar addiction is a very real thing. And suffice to say, I was addicted to sweets. I needed a sweet snack after pretty much every meal.

And I told myself it couldn’t be that bad, right? Since I eat mostly healthy, what’s a cookie or two after lunch, or a handful of chocolate chips before bedtime?

Well, never mind all the known dangers of sugar (like obesity, acne, and cardiovascular disease). Just because I’m slim doesn’t mean I’m not putting myself into harm’s way.

Okay. So after taking FloraSpring for a month, I turned to my husband and said, “Have you noticed anything different about my diet?”

And he immediately replied, “You’re eating less sugar.” Boom. No hesitation.

I literally cured my sugar addiction with FloraSpring. I mean, I still eat a little bit of dark chocolate here and there. And I love fruit. I’m not giving it up.

But I’m eating more whole grains, lean proteins, and veggies. I’m reaching for fruit for dessert, or a square or two of dark chocolate after dinner.

And yes… even though I’m at a slim weight, I actually lost weight. I think it’s the fat-burning effects of FloraSpring combined with the fact that I’m naturally eating less junk.

I actually lost about three pounds… without even trying. I mean, I don’t even miss the junk anymore.

And I lost almost ¾ of an inch off my waist. Again, without even trying. I think it’s both fat loss and bloat, but hey. I’ll take it!

Floraspring Review: “I Took Floraspring For 4 Weeks & Here’s What Happened…”

I’m A Brand-New Woman

Suffice to say, I’m pretty impressed with all the benefits I’ve noticed since starting FloraSpring. I’ll be frank with you, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I guess I thought FloraSpring was just for weight loss, and I wasn’t sure it could help me. Turns out I was wrong. Yes, I lost weight, but that was just an extra bonus.

I’m happier now, my stomach doesn’t hate me, and my skin is the clearest it’s been since before puberty. This stuff is legit.

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And you know what? I’m pretty much hooked! I’m so happy with the results I’ve gotten from it, and I’m so glad I tried it. 

Without a doubt, it’s a life-changing product. And with how much I’ve benefitted from FloraSpring, I know I’m going to keep taking it for the rest of my life.

Floraspring Review: “I Took Floraspring For 4 Weeks & Here’s What Happened…”

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