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5 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your “Weight Loss Nerve” For Improved Mental & Digestive Health

By Henry Giardina

August 20, 2021

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Discover How THIS Nerve Can Help You Lose Weight… Boost Your Mental Health… & Improve Your Digestive Health, Too

5 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your “Weight Loss Nerve” For Improved Mental & Digestive Health

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Anyone who’s been on a weight loss journey knows that a large part of the struggle is internal.

As your body goes through changes, you have to find ways to address the ways in which weight loss and weight gain affect your mental health. Not only that: In order to truly understand what’s happening with your body and your brain during a health crisis, it’s important to know how the two are linked.

Enter the vagus nerve. Not only is our 10th cranial nerve extremely important in terms of gut-brain communication… but knowing how to stimulate it can also help strengthen that communication while helping to balance our mental health.

So what is the vagus nerve, and how does it accomplish all of this? Read on to find out.

5 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your “Weight Loss Nerve” For Improved Mental & Digestive Health

What Is The Vagus Nerve?

Scientists have long suspected a link between the brain and the gut. They cite several neurological  issues that also have gastrointestinal components, such as MS, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s Disease.

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While we don’t know exactly how our brain and gut communicate, we do know that the vagus nerve plays a crucial part in the process. The vagus nerve is a long nerve stretching from the brain to the abdomen.

Understanding a bit more about how the vagus nerve works to help ease communication between your mental health and gut health could clue us into a whole host of other health-related issues and where they stem from. 

For now, we know that the vagus nerve essentially connects your entire upper half, including your neck, abdomen, heart, lungs, and chest, to the brain. The vagus nerve is responsible for communicating instructions to all those different organs so your body stays functioning smoothly.

But what happens when communication is lost between the brain and the gut? That, in essence, is where the trouble starts.

5 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your “Weight Loss Nerve” For Improved Mental & Digestive Health

How Does My Vagus Nerve Affect My Health?

When you’re having gut problems, you might not be aware of any mental component at first. 

Last year, when a neuroscientist at Duke University discovered a direct pathway between the brain and the gut via the vagus nerve, it was big news.

When the vagus nerve is stimulated, you’re less likely to face gut health issues like acid reflux and diarrhea. When it’s not performing well, however, gastrointestinal issues are more likely to pop up.

This has a lot to do with the central role the vagus nerve plays in gut health. Since your gut usually sends hormones into your bloodstream to give you information about what you just ate (or what you need to eat)… discovering a direct pathway via the vagus nerve explains a lot about the ineffectiveness of certain appetite suppressants.

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When your gut is sending signals directly to the brain rather than waiting for the comparatively slow arrival of the same information through hormones in the bloodstream… you can get conflicting messages about food and health.

For instance, the 20-minute period it takes for your brain to catch up with the “full” feeling in your stomach is indicative of just how long it usually takes for this kind of information to be relayed. When your vagus nerve is firing on all cylinders, however, you get the information you need faster.

This can lead to better eating choices and habits overall. 

5 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your “Weight Loss Nerve” For Improved Mental & Digestive Health

How To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

Here’s the catch: the vagus nerve isn’t always performing at a high level, which could lead to a kind of internal self-sabotage when it comes to dieting and healthy eating.

So how do you know if your vagus is stimulated, and how can you help boost its performance if it’s slacking off?

Here are five easy ways to stimulate your vagus nerve:

1) Take a deep breath.

There’s a reason that this simple exercise remains one of the best ways to keep calm and “reset” during a stressful moment. Not only does taking a breath force you to stop and reflect on the situation… but it also stimulates the vagus nerve, making it easier for you to get in touch with your central nervous system.

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2) Practice yoga.

Whether you turn on a yoga video or sign up for a class… some yoga can go a long way in stimulating your vagus nerve.

3) Try breathwork.

Breathwork refers to breathing exercises and techniques. This type of exercise can not only stimulate your vagus nerve, but can also enhance your wellbeing.

4) Sing it out.

Since your larynx (voice box) is connected to your vagus nerve, a little singing or humming naturally stimulates the nerve.

5) Turn it over to probiotics.

Research has found a link between probiotics, your gut health, and improved mental health. They believe this is due to the vagus nerve.

You can get probiotics from foods you eat, or you can take a probiotic supplement.

In general, the best thing you can do to stimulate vagus function is to stay active, keep a healthy diet, and get enough sleep.

Eating plenty of fiber to keep regular is also a good idea. So is keeping processed foods, red meat, and sugars to a minimum.

5 Simple Ways To Stimulate Your “Weight Loss Nerve” For Improved Mental & Digestive Health

What Else Can I Do To Promote Mental & Gut Health?

Sometimes, it’s not enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

If your mental health is suffering and you’ve done all you can do for your gut, it might be best to start seeing a mental health professional to talk out some of your issues. If you’re doing everything you can to make sure your gut stays happy, healthy, and balanced… prioritizing mental health might be the best option in terms of getting everything back on track.

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Try going for long walks, engaging in breathwork, and taking long baths if you’re feeling stressed. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of self-care to get your gut-brain relationship back on track.

That, and a probiotic.


stimulating the vagus nerve

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  2. Contain at least 1 billion CFUs, or Colony Forming Units (this essentially describes its potency).
  3. Are backed or supported by medical professionals.

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