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8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore

By Alexa Sooter

March 11, 2022

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Watch For These Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar

8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore

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For many people, losing weight goes beyond getting a “bikini body” or fitting into a specific kind of dress. Despite what many magazines say… the majority of people who try to lose weight do so because they want to do something for their health.

This is especially true of people who struggle to keep their blood sugar levels in balance.

You might wonder why blood sugar balance is so important. Sure, the symptoms can get pretty uncomfortable when your levels are out of balance.

But can it really do any lasting harm?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. High blood sugar can cause major organ damage, particularly in the kidneys.

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Without your kidneys, your body can’t filter out waste properly. This can lead to a whole host of unpleasant side effects. 

Chronically low blood sugar—also known as hypoglycemia—can lead to seizures, falls, and even blackouts. If these episodes go on too long, your body will stop warning you when your blood sugar is low altogether. Over time, this can lead to unexpected blackouts, diabetes, and possibly even death. 

Thankfully, your body will send you plenty of signals if your blood sugar is out of balance. Most of these symptoms could be caused by varying factors… but as you take note of these symptoms, you will come to know your body’s rhythms.

Soon, you’ll be able to trace symptoms back to their roots. This, in turn, will help you head off blood sugar problems before they begin.

8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore

8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)

Hyperglycemia is the medical term for high blood sugar.

Hyper means a lot or too much. And glycemia refers to glucose, which is the sugar your body uses for energy. It is also the sugar that can throw your blood sugar out of whack. 

When your blood sugar is too high, your body will warn you with some very specific symptoms. The most common of these are 1) persistent fatigue and 2) a headache that you can’t seem to shake.

Both symptoms are, unfortunately, very common. Identifying them as symptoms of high blood sugar might require you to use a tracker and note other symptoms that happen at the same time. 

Some of these other symptoms might include 3) blurred vision, since high levels of glucose in your blood affects how your retinas work. You may also feel 4) short of breath or 5) experience stomach cramps.

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As if that were not bad enough, many people report feeling 6) confused or 7) dizzy when their blood sugar is too high. 

You might also find that you are 8) running to the bathroom every hour or so. And, when you do go, your urine might appear cloudy.

This is because high blood sugar overloads your kidneys. When your kidneys can’t filter out any more sugar, the remaining glucose winds up in your urine.

Nobody likes to look at their “business.” But if you think you might have blood sugar concerns, your urine could be a reliable early warning sign.

If you’re urinating more, you’re also going to be drinking more. Despite all the fluids you’re taking in, however, your body is still dumping a ton of liquid. This, in turn, causes dry mouth. 

Frequent urination also throws away calories your body would normally use… again, because your body’s systems are trying to filter through more than they can handle. If this goes on long enough, you will find yourself feeling hungry more often.

If you experience these symptoms, especially if you experience several of them altogether, it is time to see a doctor. And if your symptoms are severe enough that they make daily life hard to get through… you need to get into an urgent care center or an ER. 

People with more mild symptoms, however, can wait to see their GP. And while you wait, there are a few things you can add to your diet to help combat your high blood sugar.

Of course, cutting high-sugar items needs to be the first step. Yes, most foods have some kind of sugar… but foods with refined sugars—including high fructose corn syrup—and starchy carbs will spike your blood sugar more aggressively than other forms of sugar.

If you cut out starches and sugary foods, you are probably going to have a sizable hole in your usual daily diet. Most doctors recommend filling that hole with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Meals like this veggie-heavy burrito bowl are low-carb and high-fiber, with a healthy splash of protein.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, you can try any one of these delicious recipes that use fiber and natural sugars. Every recipe on that list lets you treat yourself without risking a huge bump to your blood sugar.

Just be sure and practice moderation with them, too.

8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore

9 Warning Signs Of Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

At the opposite end of the spectrum from high blood sugar is hypoglycemia. Hypo means under or, in this case, low. Coupled with glycemia, the word means “under the blood sugar level.”

It is the medical term for the slump in your blood sugar that usually happens when you haven’t eaten for a while.

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If you have a condition that affects your blood sugar, however, fasting might not be the only reason you end up with low blood sugar.

Too much insulin in your blood can cause your glucose levels to drop. And if your body dumps too much sugar during a spike in blood glucose levels, you might experience a crash soon after.

When your blood sugar crashes, your body will let you know with some pretty aggressive symptoms. 1) Your heart beat might take on an irregular rhythm and 2) your skin can get pale. 3) Sweating, 4) hot flashes, and 5) tingling around the mouth are also consistent signs of low blood sugar. 

As with high blood sugar, a sugar crash will leave you feeling 6) fatigued and irritable. Many people also report suffering 7) “brain fog” when their blood sugar drops.

When this happens, you struggle to focus and find it hard to think. Similarly, you might experience high levels of anxiety… particularly if you already deal with a form of depression or anxiety-related mental health issues.

Severe blood sugar crashes can also 8) cause people to cry out in their sleep, experience seizures, or faint. They may exhibit very erratic behaviors as well.

Doctors still aren’t completely sure why low blood sugar can trigger such extreme reactions… but these warning signals are a sure sign to seek immediate medical attention. 

Smaller episodes of low blood sugar may leave you 9) feeling hungry, particularly if your crash is caused by a lack of food.

The first thing you should do, according to doctors, is eat 15 grams of easily digestible carbs or sugars. This should stabilize your blood sugar until you can get something more substantial.

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If you’re still hungry when your sugar has stabilized, try one of these low-carb, high-protein recipes. Most of them are veggie-heavy, too… so you’re going to get the fiber, protein, and healthy fat you need to keep your blood sugar stable.

And the low-carb nature of these meals will keep your blood sugar from spiking and setting the cycle into motion all over again.

8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore

The Takeaway

Learning your body’s blood sugar cues will take some time. You might want to try a symptom tracking app to help you keep a clear record of when you experience certain symptoms.

A personal journal can also do this, if you’re not sure a digital tracker is right for you. In either case, these logs will let you look back and see what was going on when certain symptoms started.

Blood sugar levels are important. They affect the health and function of your organs.

If you think you might have issues keeping them balanced, see your doctor. You know your body better than anyone. If it’s sending you the signals listed in the article, it’s time to listen.

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