August 4


ATTN: Food Is NOT The Enemy For Losing Weight (But THIS Is)…

By Caroline Alcantar

August 4, 2020

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An Empowered Eating Coach Reveals How To Stop Thinking Of Food As Your Enemy…

ATTN: Food Is NOT The Enemy For Losing Weight (But THIS Is)...
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Hey everyone! It’s Caroline here.

I’m really excited to introduce a new video series here on Fit Trim Happy!

In this new series, I (and sometimes other team members at Fit Trim Happy) will be interviewing experts in the fields of nutrition, medicine, and health.

The goal is to bring you exclusive content that you really can’t get anywhere else—straight from these experts!

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And all of it will be tailored to you and your needs… so you can successfully improve your health and lose weight.

For today’s video, I’m interviewing an empowered eating coach (who also teaches yoga and meditation). She has some SUPER interesting and powerful information about how to stop thinking of food as your enemy when it comes to losing weight…

And she’s ready to tell you all about it & why it’s essential to success on your weight loss journey: 

In this video, we discuss why food is not the enemy of weight loss and more, including…

  • What it really means when you use food as a distraction or stress reliever
  • Why it’s important to make peace with food
  • How to take away food’s “power” over you
  • WHAT to focus on instead of food
  • How to kill the temptation to binge or overeat
  • The real key to successful weight loss & a healthier relationship with food

It’s a really powerful video, absolutely PACKED with vital information.

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And speaking of shifting your mindset when it comes to food, weight loss & health… I’ve got something new to share with you:

How To Use Cutting-Edge Science To Turn Your FAVORITE Foods Into “Fat-Burning Foods”

I used to beat myself up all the time over my carb intake.

Carbs were “the enemy” and every time I “gave in” and had a (otherwise healthy turkey and avocado) sandwich… I saw myself as a failure.

So I’d panic and binge on pizza… pasta… ice cream… and other “high-carb” foods.

After all… if I had broken my diet that day… I might as well really go for it, right?

And over time this really packed on the pounds for me… and led to some absolutely unhealthy eating habits.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you… so instead of beating ourselves up for every grain of wheat you and I ingest…

Let’s go to the most cutting-edge science I know of.

It’s this brand-new research from an Ivy League doctor that can actually turn carbs into “fat-burning foods.”

(I know—eat all the pasta, pizza, and bread you want and still lose weight? Sign me up!)

It’s really important since I know if I would’ve been aware of this sooner… I could’ve saved years of yo-yo dieting… weight gain… and yes, even heartbreak…

So I’m going to give you this secret right now in the hopes that it makes your life better… and lets you eat your favorite foods without guilt.

Here’s the cutting-edge video put together by one of the top doctors in the U.S. that gives you this shocking secret:

[Ivy League Doctor] “Eat This BEFORE Carbs To Lose More Weight!”

Caroline Alcantar

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