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15 Easy Tips For Going Vegan On A Budget

By Elise Phillips Margulis

July 13, 2020

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Here’s How To Go Vegan While Sticking To Your Budget

vegan on a budget

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Are you a vegan or vegan-curious?

Even if you’re neither… you might still opt for vegan foods at times because most are healthy and low in calories. It’s easier and less expensive to eat vegan food now than ever before! 

Celebrities and health experts alike tout the benefits of plant-based diets… 

And the plant-based food industry is booming. You can buy vegan sausages, tuna, chicken nuggets, eggs, bacon, steak, hot dogs, hamburgers, chorizo, beef tips, chicken wings, pork, pepperoni, turkey… and it seems like the list gets longer every day.

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There’s a common misconception that eating vegan is expensive—and it can be true if you let it—but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 15 easy tips for going vegan on a budget:

vegan on a budget

1) Plan Meals Ahead Of Time

If you plan out your meals for the week before going shopping, you can figure out exactly what you’ll need.

This will help you avoid impulse purchases. If you’re like me, when you go grocery shopping without a plan… you wind up randomly throwing all sorts of items into your shopping cart.

Plus, planning your meals and then going shopping means you’ll get everything you need for the coming week. That way, you won’t have to opt for restaurant fare that’s more expensive than cooking for yourself.

2) Grow Some Of Your Own Produce

Even just a few pots of basil, tomatoes, lettuce, and so on will reduce your grocery bills. You can even grow plants in small containers indoors during winter months… or if you don’t have a yard.

The fresh taste might be even more satisfying than the money you save!

3) Stock Up On Frozen Veggies & Fruit When They’re On Sale

Nutrients are sealed into frozen produce at their peak ripeness. Plus, frozen fruits and vegetables work well in most recipes.

Grab a bunch when the price is right, and you’ll be set for many future meals.

15 Easy Tips For Going Vegan On A Budget
These are the best tips to go vegan on a budget…

4) Use Leftover Spices & Vegetable Remnants To Make Broth

This is a perfect example of not wasting food and creating something you’ll need for many meals you’ll be cooking. Save what’s left after you chop vegetables or herbs… and simmer up a delicious and healthy broth.

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5) Purchase Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, Spices & Grains In Bulk

Purchase nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, grains, and other staples in bulk. You’ll use it all, so you may as well stock up and receive the bulk discount.

You can then freeze, dry, or dehydrate these items to store them.

6) Buy Store Brand Powders, Grains, Nuts, Pasta, & Dried Fruit

Store brands are usually better priced than name brands.

If you’re purchasing foods that aren’t “fresh” (like flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, corn starch, oatmeal, pasta, rice, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and similar products)… you can buy the store brand without compromising on quality.

15 Easy Tips For Going Vegan On A Budget

7) Strategize Leftovers

Prepare enough food so you’ll have portions for lunch or dinner for another day or two. This can help you save money… as well as time!

8) Coordinate Ingredients For Multiple Meals

When determining which meals to cook during the week, choose some that share ingredients. Then you can buy more of those items and pay less for them.

9) Take Advantage Of Local Farmers Markets

Did you know that prices are reduced at the end of the day at many farmers markets? Go after work to get bargains on fresh and local foods.

15 Easy Tips For Going Vegan On A Budget
Keep scrolling to learn more on how to go vegan on a budget…

10) Make Fresh Nut Butters In Your Blender

All you have to do is toss in the nuts and hit the button. (You can find many recipes for homemade nut butters online—especially if you have a branded blender like a Vitamix, Ninja, or Blendtec.)

That way, you have easy, fresh nut butter with no unnecessary additives! Also, it’s much less expensive than store-bought nut butters.

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11) Buy & Eat Seasonally

Whichever fruits and vegetables are in season will be the least expensive. Look them up if you don’t know what’s in season and save some money.

12) Know Your Store Options

Co-ops have great prices… wholesale stores like Costco offer nice discounts… and ethnic grocery stores often have good deals, too.

For example, Asian markets offer excellent prices on coconut milk, miso, tofu, rice, soy sauce, and noodles. If you need spices, check out the goods at an Indian market. When you’re shopping for beans, tortillas, and chili peppers, you should head right to a Latin American grocery store.

You can also investigate online stores to determine which items are best priced there. There are many vegan shopping sites and also shopping sites with extensive vegan selections.

Try out instacart, Amazon, Prime Now, Fresh Direct, Brandless, or Deja Vegan. Take a peek at the tasty looking food and snacks available online.

vegan on a budget

13) Search Out Recipes For Inexpensive Vegan Meals

Why not take advantage of other people’s recipes for affordable vegan concoctions? Here are some easy vegan recipes that you can make at a low cost.

And here are more! Vegans often become excellent cooks (if they weren’t already)… because they experiment with replacing dairy and meat ingredients, as well as working with different combinations of ingredients.

To prove my point, here’s a list of 54 more vegan recipes that are not expensive! Those are just the first recipe lists I found when I did an online search.

There are endless great and inexpensive vegan recipes out there… so get to searching!

14) Learn How To Eat Vegan At Inexpensive Restaurants

Sometimes you need a break from cooking… or you might be meeting a friend at a restaurant… or you just want to order in.

Being vegan has become more mainstream in recent years… and even fast food restaurants are offering vegan options. Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, and other popular chains all have “veganized” versions of several existing menu items.

Taco Bell has many bean-based meals as well. Other restaurants carry Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods products. They taste so similar to meat that you might do a double-take!

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Ethnic restaurants often have vegan items on the menu, too. You might have to check with them to confirm that there are no animal products in them or if they are cooked in animal products.

For example, Indian food has great veggie options. Just ask if the dish you want to order is cooked in ghee (a clarified butter) or if it includes any other animal products. 

Mexican restaurants have lots of great vegan foods too, like tamales, nopales (cactus!), guacamole, veggie fajitas/tacos/burritos, churros, black bean soup, Mexican chocolate cake, and more.

Chinese restaurants will often substitute tofu for meat and usually offer lots of veggie dishes. Japanese food features many noodle dishes, seaweed, sprouts, mushrooms, and other veggie-friendly foods as well. Ask them not to use fish sauce when preparing your meal.

15 Easy Tips For Going Vegan On A Budget
Keep reading for on final tips on how to vegan on a budget…

BONUS SAVINGS: Decrease The Money You Spend On Doctor Visits & Medicine

You could also save money on doctor visits and medicine. That’s because many studies show that vegans have fewer health issues!

If you increase your fruit and vegetable intake… decrease the amount of fatty meats and cheeses you eat… and reduce the amount of processed food you’re consuming… your health should reflect that (unless you have hereditary issues that can’t be altered with nutritious food).

As always, don’t forget to stay active too to keep your body running optimally.

You Might Want To Consider These Supplements You If You Go Vegan

Vegans are usually healthy and are doing their part to help to conserve our planet. However, there are some vitamin supplements that you might consider taking.

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Without meat and dairy intake, you can miss out on vitamin B12, vitamin D, long-chain omega-3s, iron, iodine, calcium, and zinc.

Of course, you can ask your doctor whether you need any particular supplements to improve your health.

15) Don’t Fall Into “The Vegan Trap”…

One of the things that many vegans struggle with is that their metabolism naturally declines over time.

Unfortunately, many vegan foods lack one critical nutrient that keeps your metabolism humming along… constantly burning food for energy (instead of storing it as fat):


Sure, there are plant-based proteins out there… and I’d highly recommend eating more or getting one as a supplement if you suspect you aren’t getting enough protein… and here’s why:

A recent study showed that you can burn up to 441 more calories per day just by increasing your protein intake by a small amount.

And in fact… many vegans who don’t get enough protein become “skinny-fat”—they lose “weight” but put on fat around their midsection because their body doesn’t have enough protein to burn it off.

So to avoid falling into “the vegan trap”… definitely get at least this much protein

(Plus as a nice “bonus”… there are 2 other great “no effort” weight loss tips that will help your body burn fat as it sleeps as well).

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