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Are Diet “Cheat Days” Good Or Bad? Here’s The Truth (According to Science)…

By Caroline Alcantar

August 24, 2021

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Here’s Why Diet “Cheat Days” Aren’t The Best Option When You’re Craving Unhealthy Foods…

Are Diet “Cheat Days” Good Or Bad? Here’s The Truth (According to Science)…

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What do all diets seem to have in common, aside from restricting food intake to incite weight loss?

They don’t get lasting results.

While diets can help people achieve short-term goals and short-term satisfaction, 95% of dieters don’t enjoy weight loss for long.

You may know this vicious cycle intimately. You diet for a while to slim down, restrict like the best of ‘em, and see positive results.

Then you reach your initial goal and relax the reigns a bit. You reintroduce a few forbidden foods here and there, and eventually make your way back to regular eating habits.

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This return to eating “normal,” paired with that slowed metabolism and unusually hungry belly your latest diet created, leads to almost instant weight gain.

Suddenly you’re back at square one. No matter. There are other diets to try!

This isn’t a unique story. Its pervasiveness is telling the health and wellness industry something loud and clear: Diets just don’t work.

Like a nightmare maze, whichever route you pick leads you back to the same starting point. So why are we so bent on beating ourselves up and continuing them?

Are Diet “Cheat Days” Good Or Bad? Here’s The Truth (According to Science)…

What Is “Diet Culture”?

Blame diet culture – our society’s preoccupation with being thin at any cost, and our relationship to food and health being dictated by this “skinny-obsessed” ideal.

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Diet culture extends beyond what’s for dinner and leaks into our daily lives. The idea that being thin is not only healthy, but good and right and moral – and that bigger bodies represent weakness, poor habits and health, and are intrinsically bad – enters into our doctor’s visits and our workplace conversations.

It’s plastered on highway billboards and pasted on magazine covers. It’s inescapable, and damagingly so.

When we say dieting is for health, then let the scale and recorded inches lost dictate our satisfaction, you can point the finger at diet culture.

But there’s nothing healthy about glorifying a body type that’s an impossible ideal for most… or restricting food intake to bring the body into starvation mode… or elevating certain food groups while demonizing others, to the point that every indulgence is followed by feelings of failure and guilt.

And exactly how are we supposed to trick our natural biology into being sated by celery sticks, jugs of cayenne water, or a lettuce-wrapped burger anyway?

Well, on most diets, we don’t have to – at least, not all of the time.

Are Diet “Cheat Days” Good Or Bad? Here’s The Truth (According to Science)…

Why Diet “Cheat Days” Aren’t Good

Enter in “cheat days.” This is diet culture’s way to evade the real issue – our cultural obsession with thin – and make diets seem more sustainable and less restrictive than they actually are.

On cheat days, dieters get to indulge in natural cravings – cravings that are now extra intense because of the diet’s usual restrictions – with the idea that, if you’re allowed to give in every now and then, your body will be happy enough to behave the rest of the week.

Think managing a toddler’s tantrum with an ice cream cone.

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We have powerful instincts that pull us towards certain foods and a basic caloric intake. Which makes cheat days an important part of the diet setup – necessary, in fact. Without them, most dieters would give in quick, and give up.

But this cheat day idea only demonstrates how skewed our relationship to food has become. We unhealthily obsess about what goes in and out of our bodies – not because of its taste or nutrients, but because of what we think it will do to our body composition.

We label and categorize foods as healthy or bad for you, okay to eat or not – a misleading way to think about food, which has the power to make us healthy, but isn’t healthy itself. Then we normalize denying ourselves certain foods day-to-day, so long as we have cheat days to make it more feasible.

Isn’t the healthiest approach to do away with “cheats,” starting with cheating our bodies out of sustenance? What if we learned to accept ourselves and developed a relationship to food that celebrates variety, healthy appetites, and the natural pulls of a well-functioning metabolism?

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First step – get rid of the false premise of diet culture: that being thin is ideal, and that weight loss is some sort of moral imperative.

Let’s instead celebrate the unique beauty we all have to offer, and approach our own health journey with compassion and open-mindedness.

We’re much more likely to find happiness when we listen to and respect our own bodies – no cheat days necessary.


why cheat days are bad

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